This site is dedicated to CM9798, a Dos-Windows game released in 1997.

CM97/98 is available as freeware and runs on a Windows machine using Dosbox.  The game is available without the need for a CD, so once it is installed it could be played regardless. This was to drum up popularity before the release of CM3, which was the next leap forward in the series.

The first save I blogged about took me from Wimbledon to Deportivo via Auxerre, Leeds & Liverpool. It was 15 beautiful seasons before a corrupted save game ended the story in it’s tracks. This can all be re-lived from the start at this link

Fortunately, my second attempt took me right through the game up to the 2025/26 season where the game ends. I started and finished at Darlington, with about 5 clubs inbetween You can catch up with this over at the Season Summaries tab. I’ve continued to do some shorter term saves since then, so there are still updates on a regular basis.

You’ll also notice some extra links, which include a guide to getting the game running again and also our Community XI, where I asked you, the fans of the game, to nominate your favourite CM9798 players and then put them to the vote to find your ultimate CM9798 XI. I’m also privileged to have conducted an interview with the co-creators of Championship Manager, Paul & Oliver Collyer. That can be located here

In November 2015, my first book The World According to CM97/98 was published in conjunction with The Higher Tempo Press. The book is available to buy on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle format.

I’m trying to write as much as possible and currently contribute to The Higher Tempo Press and Tales from the Top Flight. If you’re looking for a writer, get in touch. I’ll do it for nout. My Wakelet profile includes some of my ‘highlights’

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just wanted to say hi. I was reading about old football players and suddenly I remember about CM (because I loved this game back then) and then found your site.

    After arriving on your site and saw the header image used, suddenly old memories flowing through my head. Memories when I was in junior high school (that’s the time I first played CM back in 96).

    I first played CM2 96/97 using MU till season 2020/2021 (if I recall correctly, but it’s around that year), then also tried the CM2 95 (like Italy) where the AC Milan and Juventus are filled with godlike players :D. All of those are played solo. Later I played 97/98 with my friend till season 2015 or around that time. Your site really brings back memories for me. Also I didn’t know CM has an end. I thought it’ll just keep on generating new players forever.

    Too bad I no longer play FM. Last time I tried, it was FM11 (after not playing for many years) for several seasons then stopped. I still feel like playing FM though, but I’d only get one after I’m sure that I have lots of free time because it’s hard to stop when I started playing. I’ll just keep saying just one more turn and won’t do anything else :D.


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