Summer Specials Eight – Playable Swedish League

Okay so, finally something you’ve actually been waiting for, but if you missed last weeks Battle Royale, you can catch up here. Given it is the closing part in the CM9798 Summer Specials we wanted to leave you with a treat. Last year we created a playable Norwegian League which can be found here. But we’ve gone a step further and brought you a playable Swedish League too. You can download all the files you need here; just add them to the main file and ‘ba-da-bing’.

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Summer Specials Seven – Manchester United: Battle Royale

Hello and welcome back to the penultimate CM9798 Summer Special, if you missed it you can catch up with last week here. It’s been a pretty daft ride so far don’t you think? What could possibly be dafter…well. In the first summer special, we tested just how good Man Utd’s defence was, cruising to the title playing no ‘keeper, but…who was the driver of this success you ask? Well, there’s only one way to find out…

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Summer Specials Six – There and Back Again: A Tale with Georgi Hristov

Hello and welcome back to another episode of CM9798 Summer Specials. You can catch up with last week here. If you haven’t already attempted to keep Barnsley in the Premier League then you may not know how rubbish poor old Georgi Hristov was in the Premier League. But that leads me to the question nobody has ever uttered…could FYR Macedonia have made it to France ’98 and won the world cup with Hristov leading the attack? Well it sounds stupid doesn’t it? And that’s because it is. He couldn’t land a girlfriend in Barnsley so how could they even qualify? Here is the task at hand:

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Summer Specials Five – The Orient Express: Bjorn Again in the Premier League

Hello and welcome back to the next episode of CM9798 Summer Specials. You can catch-up with last week right here. What fresh hell is he putting on us this week you ask? Well, many of you will have taken on Leyton Orient in Division Three for the much-loved Bjorn Heidenstrom. They’ve got a canny side and it’s easy to get promoted…but how would they fair in the Premier League…and the Champions League…well, let’s find out.

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Summer Specials Four – Seven-a-Side Heroes: The Best vs. The Rest

Hello and welcome back to another episode of WTF is Andrew doing this time! You can catch-up on last week’s experiment here where we took a dive into the hidden stats of the CM9798 database and why some ‘Super Players’ always overperform.

Most of you will remember the days of playing football at school and every now and again a handful of the best players took on the rest of the schoolyard. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today I bring to you the Soccer 7’s Heroes.

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Summer Specials Three – Picked Last: The Stats Don’t Lie…Or Do They?

Hello and welcome back to the mad house that is CM9798 Summer Specials! You can catch up with last week’s experiment here where we took a team of Keith’s on a tour of Scotland.

Most of you will, new players of the game or old, come across the mystery of your team getting diddled by a player that has awful visible stats or seeing players who look so terrible they remain on a free transfer until they retire. So, how much do the hidden stats impact the in-game performance? Well, I’ve devised a cunning plan.

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Summer Specials Two – The Full Members Club: Keith’s Only

Hello and welcome to our second CM9798 experiment to keep you entertained this summer. How do we follow-up on taking season one Manchester United a full season without a ‘keeper? Well how about a team of Keith’s, playing for Keith? Mad you say? Bloody brilliant! If you are just joining us you can catch-up with last weeks United test here.

When I was building the European Super League and making the readjustments to all the home leagues, I came across the lesser known ‘Keith’ of Scottish non-league fame, where the journey all started for a one Colin Hendry. Scottish football in 1997 didn’t have promotion or ‘election’ to the football league, and lowly Keith were trapped in the oblivion of the Highland League. But what if they’d been voted in? And what if in some tip to Nick Rowe’s Basque Boys save we built a team of Keith’s to take on the Scottish Third Division? Well you didn’t ask, but here they are!

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Summer Specials One – No ‘Keepers: How Good Is That Man U Defence?

Hello and welcome to the first of what will be many CM9798 experiments we intend to run across the summer months. I’ve always admired the ability of season one Man Utd to close out the Premier League using a bare basic 4-4-2 and concede less than a goal a game in the process. But just how good are they? So, here comes the challenge…

…we’re going to play out an entire season with one golden rule, we’re not allowed to field a Goalkeeper in ANY of the games. We’ll be playing 5-4-F*****g-2. The ‘keepers have been placed up for sale.

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Monday Night Football – Back In Time: Match Week 34

Welcome back to our regular feature Monday Night Football where this week we’re going to take a trip down memory lane to 18th of April 1998 for match week 34 of the 6th Premier League Season. That weekend included 4 one-all draws and a 5-0 thumping by soon to be Champions Arsenal. But what could have happened that weekend if the CM9798 match engine was in charge? Let’s find out!

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The Wonderkids – Part 10: Getting Champ Man’d

Hello and welcome back! We’re about to continue with our journey in Division One having climbed out from the depths of Division Three along with two multi-million-pound injections of cash from the board to write down the debts being wracked up by the B Team. Some of the players (Drummond) have been lacklustre at this level where as others (Bing) have continued to be sensational. Thanks to Coventry, we’re aware that should we achieve our dream the step-up will be huge. You can catch up with the start of season three here.

We left off last time having made a solid start to life in the second tier:

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