The Retirement Academy – Part 19: Pounderland

Welcome! We finally did it. Not the overall objective of overthrowing Ajax but the minor target of qualifying for the UEFA Cup. It’s a start. It’s a land where we can develop players and begin the difficult task of closing down a 24 point gap to Ajax. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

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Champions League Manager 97/98 – Match Week 10 | @NTR9798

Hello and welcome to match week 10! We’ve a bumper episode for you this week, with three rounds of league fixtures to take us up to the halfway point in the league season before we take a mid-season break for this year’s CM Cup. So let’s get into the action and see who will lead the way after 18 games…

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Bottom’s Up – Part 3: Unbelievable Jeff! | @FMCM_FC

The Premier League…is upside down…the Premier League is upside down. Here’s Nathan with the latest from the upside down divisions

Hello all and welcome back to Glasgow were the world is upside down. All the leagues have been reversed so we are in Division 3 with the aim being to get back to the Premier League and back into Europe. In the last update we got back on track at the top of the table and progressed in the UEFA Cup. So let’s see if we can cement that top spot in this update.

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AFC United – Part 16: Curtis E. Bear | @Matt_C_Wills

Good morning and happy Monday to you. Matt’s back to start your week and it’s a new season!

Season 6? How did that happen? I’m full of hope for this season. Last season ended with us scrabbling to find a European place after we finished 5th in the league and the ‘real’ Man United beat us to the FA Cup.

Hopefully we can relight that spark that saw us rise through the divisions and pick up a clutch of trophies along the way. To get things off on the right foot, I tie David Brown up on a new contract. We can’t really afford it, and after his showing last season, he probably doesn’t deserve it, but I made him the man he is today, so I’d better stick by him, or this all Counts for nothing.

Is there anything more annoying that seeing the updates go past and 5 offers going in for a guy you have on your wanted list?

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The Retirement Academy – Part 18: Hold your nerve

Greetings! It’s the end of another season for the Retirement Academy and I’ve got a good feeling that this is the season we actually make noticeable progress. It has been steady so far and probably not riveting for you, the noble reader. So if you’ve stuck with us, I hope today brings you some gratification. The Academy are 14 games from Europe. Let’s not screw it up!

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A Belgian Story: Part 27 – The 2006 World Cup | @verbist_philip

Good morning! For the past 27 weeks Philip has built a Belgian side, brick by brick, with the 2006 World Cup in mind. It all boils down to this. A nation waits…

Hallo allemaal!

Welcome to the final chapter of our road to the 2006 WC. I am sure you remember our ultimate goal. That was to qualify Belgium using only Belgian regens and do better than Belgium’s real-life performance in 2018 where they got 3rd place. We used my hometown team Beveren to attract the regens, mature them and get them ready for June 2006. 10 domestic trophies later, I believe we are as ready as we can be. We got the top regens and they all became good players with international experience.

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Champions League Manager 97/98 – Match Week 9 | @NTR9798

Hello champ fans! and welcome along once again to another blog squad battle, as myself, Dave, Andrew, Matt, Dean, Rob, Philip, Zak, Nathan, and Ross gather to pit our wits against each other in our very own CM97/98 European Super League. We’ve two rounds of league fixtures for you this week, with the Coca-Cola Cup final thrown in between them for good measure, so let’s get down to business…

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Bottoms Up – Part 2: On The Charge | @FMCM_FC

Don’t be fooled – today is Tuesday. Bank Holiday Monday is a distant memory so here’s Matt with part two of turning the leagues upside down

Morning all and welcome back to the upside down world of football. A quick reminder of what has happened. We have moved all top divisions to the bottom divisions so the Premier League teams are now in Division 3 and vice versa. Same goes for all the leagues in between, So Division 1 becomes Division 2. I’ve done this throughout Europe as well. I’ve taken control of Rangers with the aim of getting them back into the Scottish Premier League and Europe. We’ve not had the greatest of starts but it’s early days. We will also keep an eye on England and Italy as they are the other leagues I have loaded in this save.

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AFC United – Part 15: Chasing Shadows | @Matt_C_Wills

Happy Monday! Here’s Matt with the end of the season for AFC United…

Bank Holiday Monday – time for bbq’s, beers and tales of David Brown. We’re into the final Paul Furlong of Season 5 and when we left things last week, AFC united we’re battling to improve on 5th place in the table. We’re 8pts adrift and don’t look keen to make it up.

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