Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 10

Hello/Bonjour/Good day! Welcome to the final update of season 3, where Mulhouse are closing in on securing European football in their first season in the top flight. Nobody likes us but the group of misfits we have seem to be doing just fine. Here’s where we pick up the madness, although we are out of both cups (damn you Strasbourg):

ligue 1 top end of Feb

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What ever happened to…Anthony Betterton

Little is known about the career of Anthony Betterton, he doesn’t even have an entry on Wikipedia. The little data available suggest he spent some time at Swindon Town, before signing for Highworth Town, Swindon Supermarine and Shrivenham before moving back to Highworth Town at some point (Only known thanks to an online Wooton Bassett Town FC programme from 2012).

However, in 2006 he made a report in the Swindon Advisor on a non-league match between North Leigh and Shrivenham where he was written to be involved in a “farcical mix-up” with a defender costing his side a goal to former Nottingham Forest player Chris Allen.

CM97/98: Playable Norwegian League

Andrew is back again with some Scandinavian tinkering. He’s made the Norwegian league playable which is summarised below. You can download the database here.

So, you probably noticed by now that I have a small obsession with the Scandinavian content of CM9798. But isn’t the most infuriating thing, that, despite all these hidden secrets, the teams remain unplayable? Well, fear not any longer, as my itchy editing finger has been hard at work.

Scotland is the victim, and I have traded their clubs out and replaced with the Norwegian structure. The nature of the Norwegian leagues in 1997 means this isn’t an exact replica, but largely adheres to the previous seasons finishing positions. We’ll watch the season pan out so, let’s meet the new Norwegian Premier League:

I’ve allowed the season to play out without interference and to see how the AI deploys the players on offer. The big challenge will be the volume of dreaded big-club release clauses due to the relatively low ranking of the Norwegian clubs. There are also some players on offer that I have NEVER seen in an active game. Haugesund have two Nigerian’s Garba and Adimole who look fantastic. So how did the season end up? Let’s see.

Norwegian Premier League

In a surprising turn up for the books, Molde were crowned the inaugural champions of the newly formed Norwegian Premier League. Stabaek were relegated following the sale of Tommy Svindal-Larsen mid-season which saw their form drop through the proverbial trapdoor with them.

Stromsgodset survived a relegation play-off to stay up and can probably lay claim to the best export as usual.

Rosenborg shone on the European stage, making the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup, bowing out 1-0 over two legs to Lazio, underwhelmed in the League.

The biggest exporters of the season were Brann. The fact they finished second after their squad took a battering is some achievement.

The top goal scorers’ charts were a bit of a surprise. Kjetil Lovvik has a shooting rating of just 10, whilst Kristian Sorli only 12. Clearly Mons-Ivar Mjelde would have took the gong having scored 16 in 15 before leaving for the Bundesliga.

A fairly similar story in the assists table. Garba and Adimole in the top 10 assists though, suggest Haugesund have potential. Kjetil Lovvik again playing beyond the capability his ratings would suggest.

Norwegian Division One

Moss grows fat on a rolling stone, and they would have been drinking plenty of it in celebration back in 1998. Stian Neset and Erik Bakke relegated at Sogndal. Skeid went downhill after selling Christer George to Genoa.

Eik-Tonsberg also fell away after selling Christian Bye Andersen to OB Odense.

Byasen’s goals against is…just wow!

Valerenga scored 62 goals, and Kaasa scoring over half of them.

Jo Tessem breaking the top ten, again with limited finishing ability. Bye Andersen might have surpassed Kaasa, but I guess we’ll never know!

Ulrik Balling may well have done better playing in a stronger side.

In the assist charts Kaasa must have been setting himself up! Unlike the Premier League this mixes things up a bit. Moss’ lack of players in either chart is astonishing for the league winners.

Norwegian Division Two

Bryne took the league title by 7 points, leaving Ham Kam a bit salty in their wake. Mjondalen didn’t impress as much as I thought they would with Anders Rotevaten in the sticks, Kim Pedersen at the back and Bollerud creating the chances.

In the goal scoring charts a familiar face pops up, having signed for Ham Kam, but 6th? Poor effort.

Good to see Vidar Hasund up there with 14 goals.

Looking at the assists chart, GT has become an assists man. Rune Medalen the perennial runner-up.

Norwegian Division Three

Drobak-Frogn will be disappointed to fail on goal difference especially as they managed to make it to the Norwegian FA Cup final (losing 3-1 to Rosenborg).

The top goal scorers chart shows just how Sarpsborg managed to sneak ahead of Drobak-Frogn.

Sulja couldn’t get his shots off in the FA Cup but he’s tore a hole through division three that’s for sure.

Sarpsborg are a talented squad for such a lowly side:

The top three dominate the proceedings, but, given between them they scored 197 goals, that’s not surprising. Harstad would have had another in the standings had he not been so good he was snapped up early doors.

Soderlund and Sulja showing themselves to be clinical and selfless all in one.

The Cups

A showdown between eventual runners-up of the top two divisions. Unfortunately for the Odd lads it was all Brann.

In the Norwegian League Challenge Cup, Christer George settled the game for Skeid.

And as we’ve already said, lowly Drobak-Frogn made it to the FA Cup final against Rosenborg. Despite taking the lead, it collapsed pretty quickly.

And with that, I leave you with a gift. The gift of the three required databases to play the Norwegian season out to your hearts content! Just add these databases to your file (make sure to back up the old ones!) and you too can have a Norwegian adventure.

CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 3: Pints make prizes

Hello and welcome back to the CM9798 Retirement Home. It’s the end of the first season of this little experiment and so far, the old timers have more than held their own. Mick Quinn and Kerry Dixon are smashing the goals in and Dave Beasant is doing an admirable job of keeping them out. Here’s where we are with basically half a season to play:

Div 3 top December

Buckle in as this might end up being quite a long update!

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Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 9

Bonjour and welcome back to season 3 of Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse. Taking over the worst team in Ligue 2 seemed like a good challenge and here we are, two and a bit seasons later in Ligue 1 and in the top half no less. Nobody really wants to sign for us which is why we have Nathan Blake in the ranks but success will change opinions – just ask Man City. Here’s where we are as we resume (Catch up with part 8 here):

ligue 1 top November S3

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What ever happened to…Elijah Litana

As with many of the Zambian players in the CM9798 database, Litana’s date of birth is incorrect and he was actually 9 years older than suggested. Litana was part of the Zambian AFCON squad that reached the 1994 final, going on to win 31 caps and scoring 2 goals and even captaining the national side.

In CM9798 he is attached to ‘Minor Team’ as his Saudi side Al-Hilal were not in the database. He stopped playing professionally in July 2000 after being involved in a firearms accident in which he shot himself in the kneecap whilst ‘cleaning his pistol’…

Viking Invaders – Part 3

Andrew’s Rosenborg experiment is reaching an exciting finale. Nobody relishes the trip to Norway, especially in winter, but here we are in the spring and there’s the chance of European football – whether it be via league or cup…

Hello and welcome back to the final part of Viking Invaders Premier League Raiders. Last time out we had a mid-season melt down and couldn’t beg steal or borrow an away point. The whole idea of a Viking invasion was in chaos as we preferred our home comforts. But we had a late surge in form and have picked our way back to 5th place, 7 points from 2nd with Man Utd too far out of reach to be caught. *Searches for any kind of last-minute prize* at least we can say we are responsible for a third of Utd’s goals against column. A reminder of our run-in:

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