Community XI

As part of my quest to make this page a resource for all your CM97/98 needs, I’ve tasked you, the CM Community, to nominate players for your all time 11. Your nominations will then be put to the vote, and the winners will be lauded in our archives forever. So whether it’s a well known legend who won you European honours or somebody who won you the league with Inverness, everybody’s got their own heroes – and I want to hear about them.

After 2 months of voting and nominating, here is the team you’ve selected. The nominations and results are below:


[15/6/2015] Click here for the striking options – You voted Ronaldo (25%) and Ibrahima Bakayoko (22%) as your front two.

[1/6/2015] Click here to have a look at the central midfielders – You picked Zinedine Zidane (24%) and Bjorn Heidenstrom (15%) as your midfield pairing.

[25/5/2015] Click here to check out the left sided midfielders – 47% of you went for Rivaldo

[18/5/2015] Click here for right sided midfielder options – 38% of you chose Luis Figo.

[11/5/2015] Click here to see the centre back category – you voted Mark Iuliano (38%) and Martin Djetou (15%) as your centre half pairing

[4/5/2015] Click here to review the left back vote – 43% of you picked Paolo Maldini

[27/4/2015] Click here for the right back nominees – Javier Zanetti was your choice with 41% of the votes

[20/4/2015] Click here to see the best goalkeepers CM97/98 has to offer – Mickael Landreau won the spot with 42% of the votes

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