What ever happened to…Noah Hickey

Noah Hickey, one of 2 New Zealand based players in the CM9798 database and an okay purchase if you start in the third division. He was noted as ‘Minor Team’ due to Central United not being in the database. He went on to play in Finland and Australia before returning to New Zealand.

In 2010 the Guardian ran a poll on the ‘top 10 misses’ in football history. Noah appeared 3rd on this list, just behind Diana Ross USA ’94, for a bizarre open-goal miss for Central United attempting a back-heel, then instead tackling himself. The miss went on to appear in Nick Hancock’s Football Hell.

What ever happened to…Sean Dundee

In 1997 Sean Dundee was in the midst of quite possibly the second most successful spell of his career at Karlsruher SC and is a generally sound purchase in the not so well scouted (by CM) German league. He was having such a good spell that the guys over at Ubi Soft hoped he would sponsor their DOS football game World Club Football…and he said yes!

In 1998, the bizarre experiment of joint managers at Liverpool saw Dundee arrive in a £2m deal, failing to break into the side and making a paltry 3 league appearances before being shipped back to Germany at a loss. He arrived back at Karlsruher in 2006 via Stuttgart and Austria Wien and 1 Germany B cap. After leaving Karlsruher again he scored one goal over the next four years before retiring. He briefly came back to play in Step 8 of the German league system at an amateur level.

What ever happened to…Elijah Litana

As with many of the Zambian players in the CM9798 database, Litana’s date of birth is incorrect and he was actually 9 years older than suggested. Litana was part of the Zambian AFCON squad that reached the 1994 final, going on to win 31 caps and scoring 2 goals and even captaining the national side.

In CM9798 he is attached to ‘Minor Team’ as his Saudi side Al-Hilal were not in the database. He stopped playing professionally in July 2000 after being involved in a firearms accident in which he shot himself in the kneecap whilst ‘cleaning his pistol’…