Sneaky Dons

Hello! We’re back for the all important middle part of Season 5, where we are in the ridiculous position of competing for three trophies during these harsh winter months. Although one of those will be decided in Japan, where it is somewhat warmer. When I left you last time, we’d just lost top spot after throwing away points left, right and centre. We are off to table toppers Celtic to take out our anger…

My boys come out of the traps like lions who have had raw meat waved in front of their cage for weeks on end. This hastily taken screenshot after just 4 minutes really sums up just how ravenous these chaps are

4 mins

It actually takes a while to really get our teeth into Celtic but we end up with 5. We had 25 shots mind, plus two own goals. Dominant. Don’t ever do that again, Celtic.

celtic 5-1 away

Dundee are brushed aside too after an International break. We’ve got our mojo back

Dundee 4-1

We can have as much mojo as we want, but our future in the Champions League is not really in our hands. Two wins is the minimum requirement from our final two fixtures, but we’re reliant on PSV slipping up if we are to be guaranteed a passage to the knockout stages or we’ll be clinging on for a best runner up spot.

A win over Hajduk Split is harder than it needed to be

2-1 Split

Whilst Sparta Prague give us a nervous final 12 minutes. We’ve done our bit…

2-1 Prague

PSV win both of their final games 1-0 and top the group. Boo.

We’re through! By a goal. Being +5 on goal difference just sneaks us through. What a time to be alive.

CL Group S5

It’s Ronaldo in the quarter finals. Plus 10 others of course. But mainly Ronaldo.

CL QF Draw S5

Because the Scottish FA really don’t help me out, our schedule after the Hajduk game sees us fly to Japan for a Monday showdown with Portuguesa of Brazil. Erik Nevland feasts on Portuguesa of Brazil

World Champs

So that’s one trophy in the bag, but due to our wonderful bosses it’s straight on a flight and back to Hampden for a Coca-Cola Cup final. The last thing we need is to be 2-0 down at half time with heavy jet lagged legs, but we really don’t have much time for Celtic and eventually we draw level, force extra time and win!

aberdeen 3 - 2 celtic final

Time for a lie down. Three days later we see off Raith Rovers 3-0 and that leads us into the Prague game. So now we’re all caught up.

We win 5 league games on the spin over Christmas without conceding a goal. This bodes well as we make the January trip to Turin for the Super Cup. It’s two legs, and it’s important we are still in the game by the time they rock up at Pittodrie

Juve 1-0

We should have won. But Peruzzi is good – he’s always good. But 1-0 is not awful, we can turn that around.

A ridiculous 3 weeks later we get the chance to go again. Owen equalises on half time and we have the momentum, but it stays 1-0. More extra time, more minutes. It ends up going to penalties, and I have 5 men for the occasion. Del Piero is denied by Dida with the first kick of the shootout and we have done it! Super Cup champions!

super cup champs

A treble secured. Three down, three to go.

Scotland are enjoying a bit of a revolution. I’m taking the credit for it, despite a largely imported lineup. I taught them to believe!

SCotland knock out England

No England in the World Cup then, but Hoddle holds on to his job.

The old firm continue to be swatted away like flies. Michael Owen is past 20 goals for the season.

rangers 0 - 3 aberdeenaberdeen 4 - 1 celtic S5

Progress continues through the Scottish FA Cup, we’ll face Hibs in the quarter final but more on that next time.

For now though, it’s all eyes on Milan. The Inter side is full of goals (screenshot taken after 1 minute, they aren’t all just performing really average!)

Inter team

It’s a ridiculous night. We lead on half time, but just two minutes into the 2nd half Dida fells his International colleague and is red carded. Steve Simonsen is on but concedes the penalty before Bakayoko puts us back in front. Ronaldo gets to work on Simonsen and he gets a quickfire hat-trick, only for Owen to drag the 10 men level again. Di Vaio ensures Inter leave with a lead but given the circumstances, I’ll take three away goals and just a one goal deficit.

inter 4 - 3 aberdeen

The problem is that Dida is banned for two games which means Simonsen will be in goal for the second leg and any semi final first leg we manage to wrangle. That’s going to be a mighty tussle at Pittodrie.

As usual the league looks basically won. 13 points ahead but both Rangers and Celtic have 30 points to play for. I think we’ll be ok.

scots prem March S5

Over in England and it looks like a very boring league. Yet Wimbledon are second. Man Utd are quite hard to break down, is my assessment.

Prem S5 March

That’s it from me this week. A lot has happened. A lot more will happen next week. I’m still keen to move jobs but I’ve come this far with Aberdeen we may as well win all 6 if we can then look for a new job. We’ve got the rest of our lives to manage in Belgium for goodness sake. See you next week.


The bad old days

Greetings to you and welcome to season five. Four successful seasons for Aberdeen have culminated in us winning every trophy on offer last season, and this season we’ll have the chance to win two more in the World Club Cup and the European Super Cup. You know, the important ones. But how do you improve on perfection? That is the question.

I want Luis Enrique, who is available on a free. He chooses Atletico Madrid, so I turn my attention to his Swedish equivalent. He plays every outfield position, which makes him a hero in my eyes. £7m is steep but we have £45m in the bank doing nothing.

Alexandersson signs

I am greedy for forwards, and Alan Shearer is fed up at Arsenal. Yes please. He agrees to talk but picks Man Utd over us. That hurts, Al. So I turn to his younger, quicker alternative even though he turned us down years ago

Owen to Aberdeen

Keep your enemies close and all that.

The season gets underway and it’s business as usual. Hibs are lucky to get nil.

3-0 hibs

However it’s a cruel twist of fate that we draw Rangers early on in the Coca-Cola cup. I want to win everything and I’m going to have to go through Ibrox to do it.

cup draw S5

There’s an early clash with the other side of the Old Firm, and young Michael gets his first goal for us. Nalis incidentally has been called up to the France squad. There’s a tear in my eye. So proud.

2-0 celtic

The big news though is that our Champions League group isn’t filled with Europe’s biggest clubs. That looks quite reasonable compared to previous years.

S5 CL Group

Before that though, our first dropped points of the season come at a frustrating day at Dens Park.

Dundee 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Poor, really. Still, off we go to Ibrox where Marco Negri is having a goal a game sort of season but we come through in extra time. Mulryne always scores against Rangers, it’s wonderful.

Rangers cup win

With Rangers taken care of early on, we don’t face Premiership opposition again until the semi-finals where we face Hibs at Celtic Park. Pick the bones out of this!

7-4 hibs

Owen and Mukhamadiev fought over who would take the match ball home whilst the two teams shared 11 goals.

To the Champions League then and PSV will be our toughest opponent, so it’s good we can land the first punch on them

PSV 2-0

We go to Split hoping to avoid a banana skin and really I just hope we can keep it together. The puns sidetrack the team from the matter at hand and we crawl to a 0-0 draw.

Hajduk 0-0

That could be a problem in future weeks. Luckily Sparta Prague are terrible and Keith Gillespie helps himself to a treble.

5-1 sparta prague

That takes us to the reverse fixture against PSV, but this doesn’t go to plan at all. Shades of our humbling in Amsterdam last season as Ortega runs wild and confines us to a heavy loss. That is an onion in the ointment.

PSV 4-1

The group doesn’t look good and it’s not in our hands. 13 points might not even be enough for a best runner up spot to advance. Terrible.

CL group S5 4 games

My mood is not helped by some shoddy domestic results. A pair of draws with Rangers aren’t awful results but to be denied so late on by Paul Ince of all people is pretty annoying.

Rangers 0-01-1 Rangers

That actually knocks us off the top of the table. You don’t want to make us angry, Scotland.

S5 Scots Prem November

I blame Michael Owen. He’s come in here with his horse racing and gambling and unsettled everybody. I hate him and won’t shoulder any of the blame myself.

Meanwhile it’s a North East fest down in England. That won’t last.

prem top S5 Nov

It’s all going a bit flat. Once the World Club Cup and European Super Cup are out of the way just after Christmas I am officially on the look out for a new job. Where? Preferrably Belgium. But it could be anywhere. Liverpool, or Rome. But not Rome because I didn’t load the Italian league.

Anyway, Beautiful South nonsense aside, that’s it for this week. Our next game is Celtic away and we have to win. I can’t go back to the bad old days of not even winning the Scottish League, that would render all my work pointless. We’ll sort it. Until next time…

I am exploring the idea of a Youtube channel for 90s football games. If you have 20 minutes spare and care to give me some feedback, the pilot is here. Thank you!



The end of my fourth season at Pittodrie is upon us, and I’m presented with the chance to win all four competitions for the first time. The League Cup is already in the bag, the Scottish Premiership title is just about sewn up in March and I’ve got a first leg lead in the Champions League Quarter Finals. So let’s start with the Scottish FA Cup…because that’s our next game.

Ayr away is a decent draw, it seems the league clubs tend to do quite well in this competition to a point, which ideally will be the quarter finals and no further.

Ayr QF

Whoopee. A semi-final with Celtic awaits us.

First though, we stand on the verge of winning the league in the middle of March. All we have to do is secure one more win, and Starks’ Park is as good a place as any to do it.

4-1 Raith

That’s the double secured

aberdeen league win S4

So now we can turn our attention to the Champions League again. We secured an impressive 2-1 win at Old Trafford in the first leg so as long as we don’t do anything daft here, we’ll be in the semis.

1-1 Man Utd

Nevland tries his best to give his former club a lifeline but Bakayoko soon puts an end to that and despite some late hope offered by Nicky Butt, it’s a safe passage.

CL SF 01

PSG have a very impressive side but they were quite average when we faced them in the group stage last year. They’ve lost Maurice to Man Utd and they play Lamouchi as a left wing back, so they’re not perfect.

psg vs aberdeen

It’s going to be attack vs attack as I decide to fight fire with fire, or in this case Wiltord with Nevland.

PSG 1 - 1 Aberdeen

I’m so pleased the Nev has regained his form after his bad injury.

Another semi-final comes in the form of the Scottish Cup, as we renew rivalries with Celtic. In fairness to both Old Firm sides, they seem to have re-modelled themselves so they can at least compete in the matches against us even if they are if anything further away from us in the league. Celtic scrape a draw after a pair of red cards kill the game somewhat

0-0 SF

That means a replay, something I can definitely do without, and so two days later we renew rivalries. Cusack is sent off again for Celtic, a rather silly opening 5 minutes sees us two goals and a man up before Celtic pull one back late on. Still, we’re in the final!

SF Replay 01

The schedule is getting pretty stupid now, that replay not helping and a third game against Celtic in 5 days seems entirely unnecessary

2-1 celtic

Those 3 Celtic games (plus a home clash with St Mirren) are the meat in a PSG sandwich and it’s time for another famous European night at Pittodrie, which is definitely a thing. It’s a nervy affair but Bakayoko is once again the main man and fires us into the final. What a guy

Aberdeen 1 - 0 PSG

Look at that schedule

S4 schedule

7 games in 14 days…cheers. It’s a good job the league is won.

I am very proud of our unbeaten league record this season but the sheer number of games we have to play is making it difficult to pick my best team. Bakayoko comes off the bench to snatch an equaliser at Eatser Road but they go straight up the other end to snatch it. Boo!

3-2 hibs

A rare blot on our copy book but I won’t lose any sleep over it. We win the league by 24 points.

Scots Prem S4 final

Scenes. Celtic and Rangers are very similar now, though Rangers have a fearsome attack of Laudrup, O’Neill, Karembeu and Negri, which is always annoying. Just as we look set to win the FA Cup, Laudrup forces extra time and we’re soon behind in extra time. Mulryne, who from memory has a really good record against Rangers, saves our bacon and it’s another replay.

2-2 cup final

The normal replay slot would be the Wednesday, but that’s Champions League final day. I despair sometimes. So the replay will have to wait.

In the meantime, hit the Champions League music. We’re off to Lisbon for the final against an Atletico Madrid side with Kiko, Vieri and Juninho. This will be tough

2-1 CL final

Yippeee we’ve got the trophy back! A nervy 10 minutes, yes, but you can’t stop Emmers and Nevland. Well you can try, but the trophy is ours. That’s the treble.

To make it four out of four, we just need to win an FA Cup final replay against Rangers. Bakayoko gets sent off after 2 minutes after a horrible tackle. Silly man.

We trail at half time and it looks like the dream of winning the lot is dead. Marc Emmers is always a man for the big occasion though and he equalises, before your hero and mine (mostly mine) Erik Nevland scores a late winner. I’d jump on him if it wasn’t very risky for his dodgy spine.

FA Cup final S4

Here’s a quick look at how the Premier League ended before we look at the awards. Man Utd won by a country mile:

prem top S4 end

prem bottom S4

Awards time then and some winners are more surprising than others

Eng awards S4awards S4

Good days for Marc Morgan and Stephen Bywater, presumably the awards panels were short for time and just handed out the player of the year and young player of the year to the same players. Who in the blue hell is Tomasz Popszynski?

player of the year

20 for passing? I’m sold! The Ederson of his day.

That’s it for season 4, a golden season for the Aberdeen faithful. What now? There’s £40m in the bank to improve the squad. I would like to win the Super Cup and World Club Cup just to finish the job, but then I’m actively on the move. I don’t think there’s any more for me to achieve here. But where to go?



The Decider

Greetings! Welcome back to Aberdeen, where season 4 is now well under way and things are shaping up rather nicely. At the end of the last update, I speculated if season 4 would be my last at Aberdeen, so my players seem to have got together to try and convince me to stay. It’s nice, in a way. Let’s see what they’ve been delivering on the pitch.

A rather ridiculous schedule is ahead of us, I mean, who plays a cup final on a Monday? It’s nice of the Scottish FA to look after their Champions League club

stupid schedule

Anyway, Hearts feel the full force of our attacking threat for an absolute hiding

7-0 Hearts

That warms us up nicely for the cup final a few days later, where a half time deficit is overturned thanks to the boy Nalis and under appreciated Keith. The trophy is ours!

LC final 00

But the real big occasion is in Tblisi, Georgia another two days down the line. A must win if ever there was one, but it is a third victory in 5 days with Bakayoko and Nalis scoring in all three. Lovely.

Tblisi win

We could do with Ajax doing us a favour against Arsenal but they surrender pretty badly and get humped, so we’ll need to go to Arsenal and get a result to secure a place in the last 8.

Ajax 5 - 1 Arsenal

The Arsenal side is strong going forwards but maybe not the best at the back. You’ve got to be the best at the back to deal with ERIK NEVLAND

4-1 Arsenal

Ahh the Nev, finally, seems to have regained his deadliest form. We’re going through!

CL Group final S4

So who do we get in the last 8?

CL QF again

NOT AGAIN. The old Fergie vs his old club thing was a story for a season, twice was a novelty, but three times? Nobody cares. We’ll see how we get on later.

A striker injury crisis just after Christmas sees both Nevland and Bakayoko sidelined but young Martin steps in to score a vital winner against Rangers.

1-0 rangers

Our league form is devestating as always. Celtic are brushed aside

Celtic 3-2

With Glasgow firmly in our shadow, we have to face both Edinburgh clubs. Hearts come looking for revenge for the 7-0

Hearts 6-4

A 4-2 deficit at half time sees young Nalis introduced and he inspires a comeback of 4 goals in 19 minutes, and that is that.

Hibs don’t get on much better, though Colding’s injury is annoying. He’s been very good.

4-1 hibs S4

We’re also still in the Scottish FA Cup, the draw has been extremely kind all the way through and we’ve barely been tested as we reached the quarter finals. Ayr await us.

cup QF draw S4

The league table is almost laughable. We’re 20 points ahead with 24 available. Celtic have found themselves in second, which I suppose they should be proud of but it’s a hollow victory. Spare a thought for St Mirren too, a very tidy defence but barely a goal every two games. Take a chance man.

Scots prem top March S4

It’s fair to say I can really focus on the Champions League. We rock up at Old Trafford brimming with confidence. Potentially, this is the toughest tie we’ll face for the remainder of the competition.

The news is good. Roy Keane, Florian Maurice and Shay Given – who denied us so many times in last season’s semi-final – are all out. It’s still an incredible team.

MUFC team

Normally I throw in an extra centre half but confidence is so high I’m just going to attack from the off and make sure we get the away goal. Colding is out so Billy Mac is in, but otherwise this is full strength.

Aberdeen team vs man utd

In these games sometimes your experienced players step up and make you proud. Marc Emmers might not have many games left on the biggest stage but this was his game. His defining game in an Aberdeen shirt as he opened the scoring with a 30 yard screamer followed by a routine 2nd. Giggs, Man Utd’s own Emmers, pulled one back, but we could have had more. Charbonnier was excellent. Dida was better. We’re in the driving seat.

first leg win

As is my new custom, I’ll be back with leg two next week as we wrap up the season. First though, it’s worth noting that Man Utd are still by far the best team in England. Would my Aberdeen side win the Premier League? Well, yes, probably.

Prem Top March S4

Arsenal though…don’t even get me started on Liverpool. There are some big sides in the bottom half!

prem bottom March S4

That’s all I have for you this week but please do come back next week where we’ll bring season 4 to a close and hopefully win the lot. The quadruple, if you will. Then we’ll see what happens. The Belgian league is a growing force…

bergkamp to waregem



Greetings to you and welcome to season 4. In many ways, season 3 could be considered a failure. That seems stupid to say, given that we retained the Scottish Premier League and won the FA Cup, but we didn’t retain the Champions League and that is a failure in my eyes. How do we rouse ourselves to go again?

There’s no need for sweeping changes. Nevland is back from injury to partner Bakayoko, with Nalis and Tomlinson very able deputies – and that’s before you even consider young Alex Martin, who captains Scotland but can’t get near my team. Mulryne and Gillespie have been outstanding and are backed up by Darren Eadie and any number of the forwards who can drop in, so that’s fine. Marc Emmers is getting on a bit but we have the famous Icelandic DM/FC re-gen, who will play more in rotation with Emmers. He could also occupy the holding midfield position, where Bjorn Heidenstrom played the majority of the previous 3 seasons but is starting to look his age a bit. Billy MacDonald is ok but not great shakes and young Martin Lauchlan will be loaned out. This chap from Dortmund has caught my eye, and for £1.2m will not break the bank,


He can also cover right wing back, a problem position that David Rowson has filled for a long time without any great conviction. There aren’t many wing backs available so it’ll have to do for now, with Lee Hughes continuing down the left. What I have done though is brought in some versatility, because his stats are insane


Here’s the squad. Not bad!


Meanwhile Batistuta is off to Denmark

BAtigol to Odense

Seems like an odd choice. Or an OB choice. But not as odd as Paul Scholes going back to Man Utd

scholes mufc

The season opener sees Rangers visit Pittodrie, which is not a nice way to start. Rangers seem to have made a conscious effort to try and end our dominance, signing Richard Witschge and Christian Karembeu. It doesn’t matter though, because Bakayoko is everything.

Rangers 4-1

New man Colding also scores and it’s a perfect start to the season.

It looks like we’ve got our work cut out again to make it through the Champions League group, Ajax and Arsenal will take some toppling and Tblisi won’t be an easy place to go in the winter.

CL Group season 4

That task looks even harder when we head to Amsterdam without Dida and Page, and we go on to lose Bakayoko and Emmers in a very bad night

5-3 Ajax

Nalis scoring two late consolations not only makes the scoreline look more respectable but may also preserve our goal difference. The same player gets our campaign up and running a few weeks later with a narrow win.

2-1 Tblisi

Arsenal rock up at Pittodrie with a scary looking side. Alan Shearer has joined Bergkamp up front and Fernando Couto marshalls the backline. We have to dig deep, but that’s what we’re good at

arsenal 3 -1

I was very worried for our future in the competition for the first half an hour but we came through in the end. Strangely enough, our third and final home game is next against Ajax. We absolutely dominate and goals from Dadason, Bakayoko and Nalis secure three vital points.

3-1 ajax

We are top of the group and our trip to Tblisi is next. If we can win, we’re nearly there, but Ajax will fancy their chances at home to Arsenal so who really knows?

CL Group 4 games S4

Back to the domestic action and we’ve been having a great time in the Scottish League Cup or whatever it’s called. We hit East Fife for five, which is not that easy to say.

5-1 east fife

That sets up a semi-final with Celtic – at Ibrox, always a laugh – and the main man Bakayoko puts us in the final against Rangers.

2-0 Celtic SF

In the league, we won our first 9 consecutively before the trip to Rangers. We went behind to Keith O’Neill and threw the kitchen sink at them, before Nevland missed a pen. He’s lost a lot of his magic since the injury but did bundle in an equaliser to save him from a serious paddling.

Rangers draw

However, a very annoying game against Kilmarnock sums up Nevland’s new found idiocy, then again nobody seemed to have their boots on the right feet for this game.

0-0 kilmarnock

Oh we beat Celtic in the league too during our wonderful start

celtic 0 - 3 aberdeen

All of that leaves us sitting at the top of the table by a single point, as Celtic are finally launching a come back after years in the wilderness. Will it last?

SPL S4 Nov 00

Just for the sake of keeping up appearances (not the sitcom) here’s how the English Premier League is getting on

prem top Nov 00

Man Utd’s dominance shows no sign of letting up as they go in search of a 3rd consecutive league title. They’ll probably get it.

This might be my last season at Aberdeen. Not for definite yet but in the interest of keeping things fresh I might move on. The Belgian league, for example, is one I have never conquered, so that may be something I look at in season 5. For now though, it’s all about trying to win the Champions League again. Please join me next week as I look to make it into the knockout stages. Toodles for now



Comebacks and Comedowns

It’s time for another nail biting season finale here in Scotland, where my Aberdeen side have had to run a group stage gauntlet only to be rewarded by being paired with Barcelona in the last 8. They beat us 3-1 in the Nou Camp, so we’ve got it all to do if we are going to retain our Champions League title. Elsewhere, we’re on for a domestic double and Erik Nevland is approaching a return. Let’s go!

First up is a cup quarter final with Hibernian, which turns out to be a lot easier than I thought.

hibs 1 - 3 aberdeen Cup QF

It puts us in the last 4 along with the Old Firm and either Stenhousemuir or Raith Rovers. I know who I want to draw…

SF Draw


One of the many problems we’ve had this season is that we’ve accrued a lot of injuries. We’ve been very lucky in previous seasons so maybe it’s just catching up with us. However we go into the second leg of the Barcelona clash without Mulryne, Nevland, Emmers and Heidenstrom. Oh and Darren Eadie is ineligible. It never rains but it pours.

aberdeen squad vs Barcelona

All we have to do is win 2-0…

aberdeen 3 - 0 barca

That’ll do! One of the great comebacks sees us knock our Barceona for a second consecutive season. What’s next on this gauntlet?

CL SF Draw 99

Brilliant. There wasn’t really a good tie to get there.

It’s off to Raith Rovers in a bit of a come down from the Barcelona shenanigans, and a ridiculous afternoon sees us secure three points at the cost of our goalkeeper and centre half

Raith Chaos

We’ve got a week off before embarking on an insane run of games, starting with Celtic at home


We usually beat the Bhoys, even if the gap has narrowed this season. I tend to think that’s down to Nevland being out more than anything else.

Celtic beaten 2-1

Another win that comes at a cost. Bakayoko’s season is over ahead of the Man Utd clash

Baka done

It’s time to welcome Fergie back to Aberdeen again, only he robs us blind.

aberdeen 0 - 1 man utd

Without our main strikers we just can’t test Shay Given in the Man Utd goal and Roy Keane scores from a rebound on half time. It’s a sucker punch and I am livid.

Whilst I try and think of a way to overturn the deficit, we’ve got a chance to secure the Scottish title if we can win at Hearts

hearts 1 - 2 aberdeen

Good old Keith. A third consecutive title is secured.

league won 00

The last thing I need is more games so a draw with Raith in the cup semis is not my ideal result, though I am very grateful for a 90th minute equaliser than saves our blushes after a pretty awful display.

1-1 Raith SF

SF Results 00

Bit surprised to see Celtic finally topple Rangers but it’s better for us given our record against McGhee’s men. Our replay is scheduled just 2 days after the first clash and the squad is, as the medical men call it, on it’s arse.

before replay

Somehow we dig deep and get the job done with a ruthless first half. Another final secured.

SF Replay

Man Utd away is never easy and with a knackered squad needing to overturn a 1-0 deficit, it’s fair to say our grip on Europe’s Premier Club competition is slipping. Still, we can only try.

2nd leg defeat

Awful. We couldn’t even lay a finger on them. Back to the double qualifiers next season

The only thing left in the league is a trip to Rangers, where we manage to blow a 2-0 lead but still remain unbeaten. We’ve managed to go the whole season without losing to the Old Firm and suffering just on defeat…to Hearts.

2-2 rangers

What’s that coming over the hill?

Nevland returns

It’s Erik Nevland! His spine is back in one piece and he’s got a cup final to win. I bring him on for the last half an hour against Hibs and he makes his mark after just 4 minutes

nevland goal

Lovely Erik. We finish with 95 goals and points. Motherwell are the surprise relegation, though not surprising on this season’s form.

scots prem top final 00

The cup final with Celtic is poorly attended. Nevland scores twice but he’s offside on both occasions. That’ll be rustiness. Anyway, Mulryne secures the double with a late goal to round off an average season.

cup final 00

Our European conquerers go on to win the trophy, which is always somewhat of a second prize.

CL Final 00

We’ll just drop in south of the border before we head off to Euro 2000, and Man Utd are still dominant

Prem top 00

Good for them. Tottenham are promoted from Division 1 whilst winning the League Cup and FA Cup

chelsea 0 - 1 spurs

I bet he feels like a right…nevermind.

England head to Holland with the below squad. Scotland didn’t qualify.

England squad 00

Yes, that’s Stephen Clemence. And Kevin Pressman. Is Phil Neville a star player? They’re in a group with Croatia, Bosnia and Germany.

A draw with Bosnia, a 1-0 loss to Croatia leads into a clash with Germany. Gazza rights some wrongs

England 4 - 2 Germany

A familiar scoreline. Sadly though Croatia’s win over Bosnia eliminates England and it’s all for nothing.

There is some good news as Nevland gets his first International goal against Spain

Nev Norway

They’re out too though. It all boils down to an Italy/Holland final

Euro SF 00

Can Holland win on home soil!?

EUro 00 final

No. No romance here.

A quick look at some Aberdeen stats before we hand out some awards. Tomlinson and Bakayoko did a good job really, making up for Nevland’s  56 from last season

goals 00

Nevland’s rating looks amazing but he only played 8 games (and scored 13 goals)

average ratings 00

Tomlinson’s efforts are rewarded with the Football Writers title. Next stop England?

tomlinson award

I won the manager award and it’s about time one of the International managers got peddled. Not Hoddle though, I’ve done that.

english awards 00scots awards 00

So another season is behind us. I need to find a way to improve us to get our European title back and prove last season wasn’t a fluke. We’ve got £30m in the bank so money is not an issue. Please do join me next week where we’ll get on with season 4. Tatty bye.


Flat Erik

Welcome back. The way I structure the blog seasons, the middle of 3 parts often turns out to be the most crucial. Sure, part 3 is where are all the trophies are handed out, but you usually have a fair idea of how that’s going to go based on my shenanigans in part 2. In the previous update, Erik Nevland was ruled out for the season with a damaged spine, which my friend AL suggested was due to the stresses of carrying my team. HOW VERY WITTY. But probably true. We’ve held our own in the group of death, but we aren’t brushing opponents aside like we used to. We’ve also got the World Club Cup and European Super Cup to look forward to. My oh my. Let’s get to it.

One thing that hasn’t changed (despite a brief lapse in the cup) is that we still have Celtic’s number. Even without tormentor in chief Nevland, Bakayoko and Tomlinson step up to the plate, despite missing a penalty.

aberdeen 3 - 1 celtic

The Champions League group has really irked me, how is it fair to draw three giants of the game in one group? Bearing in mind we’re the current champions. My moaning actually puts off our team as we fall to our first defeat of the campaign

0-2 RM

It’s actually our first group stage loss in 11 games. It puts us under pressure to win at Dortmund, a draw might not be enough.

win at Dortmund


CL Group final

So having ran the gauntlet to get this far, surely we’re due an easier quarter final?

CL QF Draw 00

Friggin hell. More on that later.

As a sort of warm-up for that, we have the World Club Cup…in Japan.

world club final

Tomlinson is always a man for an occasion and he seals another trophy. Good man.

In the European Super Cup though it’s a 2 legged tussle with Juventus. A 2-0 defeat at Pittodrie puts us up against it, and it’s little better on Italian soil. A defeat. That stings.

euro super cup loss

I’m starting to wonder how we ever managed to win the Champions League. Maybe Nevland is magic? Fortunately on a domestic front, we are near untouchable. A win at closest rivals Rangers opens the gap at the top to double figures

Rangers 1 - 2 Aberdeen

Even when it looks like we aren’t going to win, we save our best for last.

aberdeen 3 - 0 hibs

Having said that, we have lost once. At Hearts. It was just after the Real Madrid match and we all felt a bit sad. I probably should have mentioned it sooner before describing us as untouchable, but I’ll be damned if I’m deleting a superlative.

loss to hearts

Some transfers news for you, Partick Vieira is going on holiday!

vieira to tenerife

Wait, what? Signed you say. Takes all sorts. Meanwhile, Southampton want John Ritchie, which is fine as I never play him. However Darren Eadie fancies the move, and I really like Darren Eadie. He’ll provide competition for Mulryne, who is brilliant, but also doing this all on his own without any alternative

Ritchie Eadie

As Michael Owen turned us down I’ve decided to sign somebody who is young but can still improve us now. He looks bloody brilliant from his stats


Papin? Not sure. Either way, he’s mine.

Nalis to Aberdeen

Oh and now Paul Ince is an opponent. I knew he wouldn’t last long at the Nou Camp

Ince to Rangers

It is rumoured that he was signed on the back of this great result, where new man Darren Eadie (in for the injured Mulryne) rams in the winner and becomes a hero. Lovely Darren.

Aberdeen 2 - 1 Rangers

Like I said, domestically: untouchable

Celtic 1 - 3 aberdeen

Motherwell 1 - 4 Aberdeenhibs 1 - 3 aberdeen

Only just. But that leads us nicely in to our trip to the Nou Camp, the scene of one of our most ridiculous results last season. But here, in front of 91,542 baying fans (presumably with at least some from Aberdeen) we are second best for the majority of the 90 minutes.

barca 3 - 1 aberdeen

Tomlinson’s goal gave us brief hope but we were dominated from start to finish. It’s going to take some doing to overturn that, but we managed to overturn 3-2 against Man Utd last season so we’ll have to believe we can do it again.

Still, we’re still in the Scottish Cup, something I haven’t managed to win yet, so there’s that.

Scottish Cup QF Draw

Celtic have already beaten Dundee Utd, so why it says they are playing nobody I’m not too sure. It’s best not to worry about it and just hope we draw Stenhousemuir (if we beat Hibs). Actually Barcelona are the meat in a Hibs sandwich, as that’s our next game.

All we have is our enormous league lead to boast about

scots prem march 00

18 points ahead with 27 available. I like our chances. Celtic have recovered a little bit but not enough. Motherwell look like they are goners

Meanwhile, south of the border, it’s looking quite familiar

eng prem march 00

We have 32 more goals than Man Utd and that’s without Nevland. I miss Nevland. He’s on course to recover in June, which helps nobody.

So that brings us to the end of another update. I’m a bit deflated by our lack of progress and I’m not sure I can blame the lack of Nevland for it all. I will, but maybe I shouldn’t. Join me again next time as we try and overcome the odds in the Champions League whilst sauntering to victory in the SPL. Toodles for now.


Back Breaking Labour

Hello and happy New Year to you. When I spoke to you last, Aberdeen won the Champions League to end season 2 in a result I certainly didn’t expect. Certainly not after just two seasons anyway, but that is where we are. Champions of Europe. How do you build on that? Oh, we’ll find a way…

First priority is to bring in another CM legend to our ranks. Tomlinson is getting better with every game but having a striker who can also operate in one of the two AM positions gives us a lot of options, which I think is vital when you can only name 3 subs (domestically anyway). Anyway, that was my way of justifying signing Ibrahima Bakayoko. Welcome!

Bakayoko to Aberdeen

That will help, surely. What won’t help is little jerks like Ricky Gillies, the long term replacement for Marc Emmers, getting ideas above his station. Newcastle come calling and £1.9m is a pittance but, much to my shock, he still has a big-club release clause.

ricky gillies big club

We’re the European Champions and we’re going to lose a young midfielder to Newcastle who haven’t even qualified for Europe. That doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, I’ll get over it and I’ve signed the very famous DM/FC Icelandic re-gen to fill the void. Forget you, Gillies.


cadamarteri man utd

I mean he might help but they’ve sold Paul Scholes to Blackburn. Odd.

The season opener sees us slip back into the old habit. Misse Misse is a bad name for a striker.

first game season 3

Up next comes the Scottish Coca-Cola Cup, a competition that has seen some strange results in this save and that continues here with the visit of Albion Rovers.


It as a brave move for neither side to play with a goal keeper for 25 minutes but we come out on the right end of a 13 goal thriller.

Rangers aren’t so lucky.

rangers out

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Our reward for winning the Champions League is not having to go through two rounds of qualifying to play in the group stage. When the group stage draw happens, this hardly seems fair

CL draw S3

So this is what the Pet Shop Boys were singing about. What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?!

Nevland takes it out on Celtic. It really is incredible how he always scores a hatful past the Bhoys

Celtic 2 - 4 aberdeen

Nevland loves it though, he skips off to Rugby Park and scores three more.

Kilmarnock 1 - 3 Nevland

That’s not a bad start to the season

Nevland career

Off he goes on International duty to cause mayhem against the Irish. I receive a call in the middle of the day from an unusual number. HE’S DONE WHAT?

Nevland crippled

What the bloody hell goes on at Norway’s training ground? Ten months. That’s the season, basically, so I have to take on the hardest Champions League group in the competition’s history with my main man. Give me strength.

Life without Nevland is off to a very dull start with a 2-0 win over Hearts. We’ll always be functional but Nevland brought the party.

aberdeen 2 - 0 hearts

PSG are up first in our Champions League gauntlet, and Pittodrie’s newest hero steps up to the plate.

aberdeen 3 - 1 PSG

Incredibly that is probably our easiest game, and as if to prove that point, we’re off the Bernabeu.

What follows is scarcely believable.

RM 1 - 4 Aberdeen

Tomlinson loves scoring in the big games, and Dortmund are the latest team to fall foul of the former Man Utd legend

aberdeen 2 - 0 dortmund

He’s at it again in Paris, scoring a late winner and securing us 12 points out of 12. Ridiculous. Erik who?

PSG 1 - 2 Aberdeen

It’s not quite enough to secure qualification in this update but one more point should do it. Even then, the group should be fairly evenly matched and I’ll be surprised if we don’t advance.

CL group 4 games in

I don’t want to panic buy but with Nevland written off for the season, I’ve started to put the feelers out for another top class striker. The train keeps on rolling though, with Rangers brushed aside before a topsy turvy affair at Tannadice

aberdeen 2 - 0 rangers

Dundee Utd 3 - 5 Aberdeen

I am concerned that if Bakayoko or Tomlinson get an injury we’ll struggle. As if by magic, we lose Bakayoko for a month

Bakayoko injured

Michael Owen is interested in the move and a fee of £7.25m is agreed. He’s thinking about my contract offer. He would help a great deal.

In the meantime though we have to face Celtic in the cup semi-finals. Without Nevland or Bakayoko, it’s absymal.

cc semi finals defeat

It’s usually us who end this game with a huge win and I don’t much like being on the reverse of a 4-0 defeat, hopefully Owen wasn’t watching.

We’ve got a 3 point lead after a third of the season but we have lost our difference maker and whilst we might be able to muddle through for a bit, the business end of the season would be tricky without say Bakayoko. We’ve been very lucky that Mulryne and Gillespie have remained injury free thus far as they are the creative force in this team. Come on Michael, do the right thing for once

scots prem nov 99

A quick look at the Premier League shows a close run battle with just 9 points between first and 12th. See Michael, look how dull it is at Anfield

EPL nov 99

I hate him.

Owen rejects

So another update comes to a close and an awful lot has happened in four months. The Euro 2000 qualifiers are about to draw to a close so we’ll see how that effects things, but until next time, please think of Erik Nevland. Our fallen hero.


That Escalated Quickly

Hello! Welcome to the final update of 2017, and as luck would have it, the final update of season 2 of this Aberdeen adventure. Having won the SPL, we battled through Champions League qualifying against Monaco and came through a group featuring Ajax. Our reward was a reunion with (not yet Sir) Alex Ferguson, and we came away from Old Trafford with a 3-2 defeat. We’ll see if we can turn that around shortly, but first, white hot Scottish Cup Quarter Final action

1-0 Cup QF win

Phew. What’s more is we get the plum draw of Albion Rovers in the Semi-finals, no doubt due to the “hot ball/cold ball” theory that some conspiracy theorists subscribe to.

cup SF draw

I’ll play Rangers any time, as even if we give them a two goal advantage, we’ll get the job done.

rangers 3 - 4 aberdeen

Sometimes I think it’s a switch that the front 4 just flick on when they fancy. Three goals in 8 minutes in the hardest away game of our domestic season? No bother.

Now though it’s time for the second leg, and it turns out Fergie has lost the plot. Meet David Beckham, the sweeper.

man utd tactics

I’m not ashamed to admit I tried to buy both their keepers, but only Kevin Pilkington agreed to join. You’ve made a very powerful enemy, Nicky Culkin

aberdeen 2 - 0 man utd

Get it up ya! Dida is magnificent to preserve our clean sheet and a goal in each half past Macaulay Culkin secures our spot in the semis. What a result!

CL SF draw

Oh bloody hell it’s Barcelona.

They arrive at Pittodrie full of talent and Paul Ince.

aberdeen 1 - 0 barca

But they leave empty handed, Marc Emmers scoring an early goal as we seal a famous win. Now we’ve just got to go to Barcelona and get a result!

There’s like a million games between now and then though, and we smash past Albion Rovers to ensure at least one cup final

fa sf results

Scenes. We’ll see Rangers in May.

Thanks to Erik Nevland, we should have the title secured by then.

nev 4 - 2 hibs

He really hates Celtic. Honestly, how we manage to routinely put the Bhoys to the sword is nothing short of brutal.

celtic 1 - 5 aberdeen

The win at Celtic Park is doubly sweet as it actually secures us a second consecutive league title with 3 games to spare.

leagye won

I would like to get 100 goals but my enthusiasm for that will depend on what happens in Barcelona.

Gillespie’s early goal opens the door and after Abelardo is dismissed, it’s in the bag. Sonny Anderson makes it interesting but Barcelona can’t find the two extra goals they need and the rest is history.

barca 1 - 1 aberdeen

Aberdeen are in the Champions League final!

It’ll be Ajax who we meet there, who we’ve already beaten in the group stages. Though that was in Aberdeen…

With the league won, we continue smashing the goals in and we finish with a win at Hearts

last game of season

Those were goals 102 and 103. Nice!

Final table 99

That leads us in nicely to the showdown with Rangers. I really wish it was Celtic.

cup final defeat

There’ll be no domestic double, a really blot on our copybook. But they are Rangers, they’re not just going to let us win everything. We’ll be back, Walter Smith.

Still, at least I lost with dignity.

Belgian cup finak

Oh so that’s where Gerard Wiekens is. It’s no wonder Dortmund sacked Bosz if he captains his side to cup finals in this manner.

Time for the real deal then, Aberdeen vs Ajax part 3 – this time in the San Siro.

3-0 up after half an hour…

CL final WIN

A little wobble towards the end but we did the damage early on. We’ve won the bloody Champions League!

To be honest, I expected this to take a lot longer than it has but er…great, I guess. I’ll look forward to trying to crown us the best club side in the world next season.

Oh Nev, you are everything to me

Nev record 99


goals 99


ratings 99

Don’t worry though, this save isn’t anywhere near done. I’m enjoying how things are playing out and I still have Belgium to explore, or better yet trying to unseat this Aberdeen side with another club. All to look forward to. Let’s tie up some loose ends

Man Utd regained the Premier League, with Blackburn joining them in the Champions League. We’ll also be there and we shouldn’t even have to qualify this time.

prem top 99

It’s bad times for Sunderland, Spurs and Leicester who are relegated. Arsenal really recovered their situation!

prem bottom 99 final

Standard Leige are dominating Belgium, Anderlecht are well off the pace.

Belgian top final 99

The most important thing though is that Erik Nevland is getting the credit he deserves

Nev awards

Oh and Jonny C too

JC Awards

I pick up the manager gong which, without being big headed, is not a surprise

Awards 99

Maybe I should sign Clarence Seedorf. If we can get Nev to win European Footballer of the Year, then we’ll know we’ve done a great job.

english awards 99

So that’s it for this update, a golden time in Aberdeen but can we improve on this? Is this as good as it will ever get? We’ll find out in the new year. I’m straight on the phone to Bakayoko who is mulling over whether he wants to swap the South of France for Aberdeen. Champions League winners, Ibrahima.

I’ll most likely post something soppy before Christmas but if you’re not into that, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the new year. All the best

Fergie Time

As Aberdeen prepare to party like it’s 1999, it’s fair to say these are great times at Pittodrie. Champions League football has been secured and, perhaps more remarkably, looks set to continue into the latter stages. We have a good, young squad who will only improve and yes, some of the better ones are booting off about playing for little old Abderdeen but I’ve told them to ask Andrew Mainwaring about what happens when you leave too soon. That’s shut them up. More importantly, we’re proving we’re the best in Scotland. Let me show you how…

We’ve definitely got Rangers’ number at our place, though why they persist with Gordon Durie is a mystery to me.

3-1 Rangers

However, the real fun can be found at Celtic Park, where Mark McGhee has made Celtic…even worse.

2-6 Celtic

Nevland’s 15 minute hat-trick is always a welcome sight.

We were on the verge of securing our pathway to the Champion League quarter finals last time we spoke. I’m pleased to say the last two games went by without incident

FC Croatia3-1 Gornik

Despite being the first team to concede to Gornik we battle back to finish with 5 wins and a draw, which leaves nothing to chance

Group E

Comfortable qualification ensured, we’re in with the real big lads now. There’s no such thing as an easy draw, but there’s also Fergie returning to Aberdeen…

CL QF Draw

That’s going to be quite the story, and we’ll see how that goes later in the update.

Our league form is serene, we’re able to brush aside most teams with alarming ease.

motherwell 0 - 5

Even when we’re throwing away leads, you can usually rely on Erik the Nev to come up with something.

Hearts 2 - 3 Aberdeen

We even help ourselves to another 6 points off the Old Firm

aberdeen 3 - 0 rangersAberdeen 4 - 1 celtic again

We’re unbeaten at Pittodrie, you’ll be glad to know. Celtic came into that match off another 4-1 loss…

Clydebank Celtic

I’m honestly not sure how Mark McGhee is still employed


If the papers didn’t use a ‘Grim Rieper’ headline then something is awfully wrong.

We’re still in the FA Cup, unlike Celtic. Rangers remain an obstacle though.

Cup QF draw

So onto the main event and our trip to Old Trafford. Their squad is insane

MUFC squad

We are given a boost though by the fact Peter Schmeichel has a broken skull and will miss both legs. Yes, really. I’m not above signing their two other goalkeepers. Don’t think I won’t do it.

With that information in hand though I know it’s worthwhile sticking to my attacking guns, as away goals are there to be had

For once, I was right. Eventually.

mufc 3 - 2 aberdeen

Ex-Man Utd academy man Graeme Tomlinson nets two late goals to leave things finely poised. You’ll have to come back next week to see if we can complete the job.

That defeat is our first in 23 games…

fixtures 1fixtures

A remarkable run. We’ve opened up a healthy lead at the top of the table, it’s clear that we know where the goal is.

league top end of feb

A 10 points lead with 9 games to go? We should be able to hold on to that. We have double the amount of points Celtic have, who are closer to the bottom than the top. Greenock Morton are terrible.

The squad is a thing of beauty, and the players have good prices on their heads

squad values

Nevland is of course the kingpin in all of this. The SPL can’t handle him!

Nev record

Although Rob Page is the top performer, thankfully him and Mulryne have dropped their requests to leave. I’ll probably look to upgrade wingbacks in the summer, and if I’m being greedy I want Bakayoko to partner Nevland but he’s not keen on Scotland right now.

average ratings

Over in England and it’s 1995 all over again.

Prem top March 99

Champions Arsenal are 16th and £3m in debt. The front three of Shearer, Wright and Bergkamp have not fired.

prem bottom 99

The Belgian league is a two horse race between Club Brugge and Standard Liege. The latter have Kinkladze, so fair play for that.

That’s all I have for this week but do join me next week if you can for the final update of this season and indeed this year. Toodles for now.

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