Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 19

Hello! Bonjour! Areeeeet. Welcome to the final update of season 6 here in Mulhouse, where this set of no hopers have grown to have some hope even if many of them don’t want to be here. We’ve got a multitude of quarter finals to come and we’re well placed to finally win the league. I would enjoy that.

Ligue 1 top end of Feb

If we’re on the up, Monaco are definitely on the slide. That’s where we head next, looking to avoid the distraction of the casino to take three points.

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Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 18

Hello! Welcome back to the Mulhouse project, where we’re about to enter the crucial middle section of season 6. Everything is actually quite close to come up Mulhouse. We’re top of the table and still in every cup we entered. There’s still 23 long games to go though, annoyingly.

Ligue 1 top October

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Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 17

Bonjour! Welcome back to France for *checks notes* season 6 of the Mulhouse save, where I’ve taken the bottom club from the French league ladder and taken them to near the top of Ligue 1. Nobody really wants to play for us and we’re shopping in the bargain bin, but finished season five in incredible form to take 3rd place. With another UEFA Cup campaign to come, can we bolster the squad and hit the ground running?

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Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 16

Good day to you and welcome back to France, where season 5 of the Mulhouse save is about to reach a conclusion. There was a real mixed bag of fortunes last time out, as some key players departed and some decent but elderly replacements arrived. Arch rivals Strasbourg knocked us out of the cup on penalties but we’ll get a chance for two legged revenge in the UEFA Cup. Here’s how the table sits after a rocky start:

Ligue 1 Top Feb S5

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Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 15

Bonjour to you mes amis. See, I’m learning the language. All is not well in the house of Mul, as our best players keep leaving and nobody of any great reputation wants to join us. I’m therefore left trying to pick out the next gem who is ready to go now, a task that was much easier in Ligue 2. Expectations are relatively high now with us playing European football two seasons in a row but we’re not going to be able to compete if we keep losing players. Here’s where we pick up today’s action:

Ligue 1 top October S5

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Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 13

Well good day to you. Welcome to the end of season 4 here in France, where my time as Mulhouse manager has been largely seamless. Once we got out of Ligue 2, we made our debut in European football this season and whilst that treat is over, we’ve now got to set about doing it again. I will warn you now, this episode is the closest I have come to having a CM related breakdown.

Here’s where we resume:

Ligue 1 top January

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