(Future) Premier League Stars – Part 2

Ross is back with the second part of the challenge. You can catch up with Part 1 here

Welcome back to the Spurs challenge where I can only sign future Premier League players.

When I left you last, we sat 2nd in the league behind the juggernaut that is Man United.
But what you really want to know is who did Anderton sign for…


I turned down a bid from Chelsea as it wasn’t anywhere near the money Derby offered. So, the Baseball Ground it is, a massive 14 points behind us and that’s called progress. I give up sometimes.

We have just beaten Man United 1-0, so we go into our next game full of confidence knowing a win will close the gap even more…


Never the biggest West Ham fan, and now I have even more of a reason. Rio Ferdinand put in the kind of performance that I’m sure bigger clubs will have taken notice of.

The lack of goals is worrying for my lot. But with restrictions on buying I’m going to wait and see who wants to join my squad at the end of the season.


Normal service resumed after we complete the double, I think Bosnich calmed himself for this game and thought letting us easily win might calm our fans down. Cheers Mark! John Scales is now my captain and leading by example. Goals from the former Wimbledon and Liverpool man can only help.

Sadly, the yo-yo affect happens again in our next game.


Exciting game this one. It happened on Boxing Day so what a late present for everyone… bar Spurs fans and me. But sadly, this starts a run of only one win in the next 6 games. The goals dry up, Scales can level things up in games (Dad jokes coming thick and fast now) and my strikers go shier than group of boys at a school dance.

The only break we get is a thumping win the 3rd round of the FA Cup


Doubles all round for two people who couldn’t hit a cows’ backside with a banjo in the other games.

I start to think that Bakayoko isn’t the legend people banged on about. He hasn’t done much for us yet. But with options limited he can stay… FOR NOW.


Remember this is a blog for everyone, but I’m still putting this in as it made me laugh. But hey things could be worse…


Wonder what the poor lad is going to do for that time? I hear Sky are looking for some player insight in their gantry. Though who wants to listen to him go on and on about how good the ‘class of 92’ was over and over again?

I sense this struggle will continue if I don’t change things and adopt a defensive approach against a tricky Coventry team


This was a hard watch. Coventry had 4 shot off target and nothing on target. I’m aiming to keep things tight after we go 1-0. That 25,000 will need waking up. But good to see Sir Les on the score sheet.

This doesn’t show the others how to do it though as another bore-fest happens at my next league games, a 0-0 against Southampton but another 1-0 win this time against Sheff Weds did have it’s moments.


Stefanovic, for no reason, decided to rearrange Shevchenko’s face and elbow him on 20 mins. Ten mins later Sheva scored and celebrated by holding his hands near his ears towards the Wednesday fans. Not a fan of that. With things in the balance Scales managed to keep a level head (last one I promise).

I use the FA Cup to try out a few players


Damn it. But Bakayoko scored so silver lining and all that. Leaving Walker on the bench proved, like his hair, curtains for us.

With that pun I leave you with the top of the table.


You can how much that new year form hurt us. Not really losing many but a few more draws into wins could do us. Top 2 mean Champions League football but Europe in any capacity is now my aim.


Not really the impact Derby would have wanted with their new man. Coventry are ten adrift with 11 to play. Which is odd with a legend like Dublin in their team. And West Ham are still close to the drop zone, HAHAHA. Till next time.

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(Future) Premier League Stars – Part 1

Today we welcome our latest guest blogger Ross to the CM9798.co.uk family. I’ve set Ross the challenge of building a team of players who would go on to play in the Premier League but hadn’t as of 97/98. Let’s see how he gets on…

My first of hopefully many contributions to Mr Black’s web page started off life as something that, to be fair, would have been a bit straight forward. Start as Spurs and make them champions.

It needed some spice added to it. So, upon finding this pic:


It created a proverbial light bulb above our heads. Do a save where I can only sign future Premier League stars. So, I couldn’t sign John Curtis, Tommy Svindal Larsen nor Graeme Tomlinson. My aim – to sign Henry for Spurs. Still at Monaco and as we all know became a legend at Arsenal.

First things first, what do I have to deal with squad wise…

2 Squad

Klinsmann and Ferdinand will lead an ageing forward line. I’m also playing 3 at the back so that will be my first port of call. To tighten up a defence that will lose Campbell as I will sell him once he is fit. Yes it’s personal.

3 Dyer

I pick up young Dyer for £1mill, wanted Richard Wright but Ipswich seemed ken to hold on to him. End of season I’ll go back in for him. I worry Walkers blonde curtains will cause to much mayhem soon.

Richard Rufus comes in from Charlton for £4mill and knowing my strikers are almost getting free bus passes I use Andriy Shevchenko’s poor run at Chelsea to my advantage. Common fact about CM9798 is that his name was spelt incorrectly. But at £1.6 mill I’m laughing.

The books need to be balanced and Sol is fit.

4 Sol

Kerching! Lazio were the money team around this time, Sven had just taken over and they were picking players left right and centre. With these funds I bring in Robert Page of Watford, future Everton reject Bakayoko (legend on this game) and Ruud Van Nistlerooy. As you will have seen is not the goal hanging poacher but an attacking midfielder who favours the left. One of the many reasons I love this game was these sorts of quirks.

We start well enough. We play villa in the first few games if the season, with Bosnich seeming very angry with my team. He takes out Nicola Berti but only gets a yellow. Then gets so irate he scores an own goal.

5 villa

Lad needs to has 4 X. Good to see Dyer scoring and Jurgen getting off the mark early doors.

Chelsea come to White Hart Lane for our first game at home. I rev the boys up reminding it’s been since the Lineker days that we beat them.

6 Chelsea

Sparky gets his fuse lit and sees red. I’m a celeb star Dennis Wise even graces the pitch with his presence. We miss a load of chances. But I know we played well. And that gives me confidence.

The ‘pointless cup’ as Dave calls it comes around and to be honest he is right. No European pot at the end of this rainnow, and in this first season I’ve learned Man United normally romp away with everything.

7 Gills

Two reds and Gary injured again with a broken leg, after coming back from the same injury. But the league and FA Cup are my aims. We bounce back by beating Southampton away.

8 Soton

I add this, because Southampton normally ruin me. Hirst turns into Pele and Ostenstad plays like Maradona. If your wondering were Le Tiss is, well he finally got his dream bigger club move too… Sheffield Wednesday. I’ll just leave that there.

More book balancing happens, Jose ‘2 ft tall’ Dominguez and Ruel Fox leave us.


Decent prices, plus Armstrong, Sinton, Ginola and Anderton are up for grabs.

We find ourselves in 2nd but behind the juggernaut that is Fergie’s Man United.
The first Norf Laandan derby comes around. Again I tell the boys to ignore the table and just make the fans happy.

10 Arsenal

A proud moment for me, I celebrate by running to our fans and beating my chest, while ssshhing the Arsenal fans. We dominate again but a Klinsmann goal is all we can do.

With that mob put aside we now focus on trying to catch Man United.

The first time the top 2 meet is at our patch.

11 Man Utd

Heart in mouth time when Grodas, in for the injured Walker, brings Cole down in the box. The lane held its breath as Scholes blasts it over the bar. Again, Dyer pops up from left wing back with a winner. We close the gap. And with another win away to Blackburn we end November in good shape.

12 Prem

Yes 7 points behind, but we want Champions League football to attract the best that would join the Premier League. Other than Henry, I would like Crespo, Desailly, Stam, Wright and maybe Davids. Not a shabby 5 a side actually!

The bottom of the league looks like this

13 Prem Bottom

West Ham in all sorts of trouble, but at least 4 points ahead of the drop zone.

Join me next to see if I can actually sign anyone. And more excitingly Anderton has to choose between Derby and Coventry. How odd.