CM9798 Academy – Part 22: Passport to Relegation?

Hello hello. As 2019 continues to rattle along, we’ve reached the end of another season. The Academy, as usual, are battling relegation. Things are actually bleaker than normal as we are in the bottom 3 with 14 games to go. One positive though is that we’re still in the FA Cup, though Derby is not a happy hunting ground for us. That’s where we start today’s update.

table 24 games

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CM9798 Academy – Part 21: A change is as good as a rest

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is full of great things for you all.

Here in 2004, things are a bit tetchy down the Academy. We’re struggling to make much of an impression on the Premier League and find ourselves down in 16th. I keep telling myself the team can only get better but the reality is, they will probably leave when that happens. Nevertheless, let’s see how we get on.

Here’s where we re-join the action:

prem bottom S7 Nov

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CM9798 Academy – Part 20: Regeneration X

Welcome back! Season 7 is about to get underway and it’s time to draw a line in the sand and to try and transform the Academy from a bunch of hopeless kids to the stars of tomorrow…today. After two seasons of narrowly avoiding relegation and only free transfers under 23 at our disposal, the chances of progressing to a decent Premier League club seem small. However, you may have recently read my article about finding regens and armed with that information, I’m going to hunt high and low. It’s important that they get game time and if we go down, so be it. We’ll be well placed to come back and be stronger for it.

Oh and there’s going to be even more people around to see it

capacity increase

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CM9798 Academy – Part 17: Tarkan the mick

Hello! Welcome to another new season for the CM9798 Academy. It’s season 6 and our second in the Premier League, having admirably pulled ourselves out of the fire last season to earn another shot at the big time. We’ll be keen to avoid second season syndrome but there are changes afoot.

The good news is, it’s re-gen o’clock. For those unfamiliar, when players retire they come back as a younger version with a different name but very similar stats. Their hidden stats take some building up but you know you’ve got a good player in there who will flourish with game time. Start the generation game music please.

Up first is Tarkan Waddle, or Gazza. It’s a great name that sticks to his Geordie roots…at least in the surname

Gazza regen

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