2019 CM9798 Cup – Day 13: The Final

What a month it has been. It’s hard to believe it was 4 weeks ago when all of this kicked off and even harder to believe the planning of this started back in April. But here we are, 360 players and 20 managers later down to just two finalists and I guess if we’re completing this then 36 players. Having said that, there’ll also be the all important 3rd/4th place playoff game but you can forget it if you think I’m re-writing a whole paragraph.

All KO

Marvellous. We’ll start with that bronze medal match between Glipton Grasshoppers and Rostance Rovers

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2019 CM9798 Cup – Day 12: Semi-finals

Hello and welcome to the semi-finals. We started out with 20 but we’re now down to just four competitors. There’ll only be the two games today as a result. Firstly, Sporting Po-Taitos will host Glipton Grasshoppers. As both sides had a home quarter final, their overall tournament goal difference has been used to decide who gets the home fixture and that’s good news for Rob. In the second semi, Rostance Rovers will host Bells United. Tom came through an away quarter final to earn himself a home tie with the tournament’s only 100% record.

SF Draw

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2019 CM9798 Cup – Day 11: Quarter Finals

Hello! After 10 days of group matches we’re now at the final eight. After today, the field will be halved as we’ll see all four quarter finals and move a step closer to crowning a 2019 champion.

Here’s the quarter final draw. The top team in each pairing will be at home – if it finishes a draw we’ll have a replay at the opposite ground.

QF Draw Long

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2019 CM9798 Cup – Day 10: Group A and B final group games

It’s the final day of group games! I’ve written 9 of these so far and it feels like the end of an era as I write the 10th. Rarely have I put as much effort into anything else…ever.

Anyway, Group A is so very tight. Any of the five teams can still qualify, which is brilliant news for the neutrals. That’s also the case in Group B, though Boca Seniors are already through so there is only one space to play for. In the words of Des’ree, ooooh I get the shivers.

Group A 4 gamesGroup B 4 games

At the end of the post I will give you details for how you can win the prize bundle we’ve put together. First though, the games.

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2019 CM9798 Cup – Day 9: Groups C and D reach their conclusion

Hello! We’ve reached the business end of the group stage. The final games of Groups C and D are about to take place and so far only one of the four spots has been filled for sure.

The equation in Group C is simple. Wins for Real Mathdrid and Sporting Po-Taitos will see them advance at the expense of Exeter Gently. Quickly Kevin United need a handsome win over Real Mathdrid and a slip up from Sporting to advance, whilst Exeter Gently can only sit and watch and hope for dropped points.

Group C 4 games

In Group D, Bells United are already through but they can open the door for Rewind Rovers if they can defeat Criterion Club.

Group D 4 games

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2019 CM9798 Cup – Day 7: Fight for your lives

Hello and welcome to Day 7 of the 2019 CM9798 Cup. Such is the scheduling of this tournament, this is the last group match for two of our teams. In the case of FPL Hints, he has taken on the role of Spain in 2014, the defending champion eliminated a game early. He’ll look to restore some pride in his game whilst Exeter Gently will go looking to claim a last 8 spot with a win against PSG Mashup.

Here’s how Groups C and D stand as we enter day 7.

Group C 3 gamesGroup D 3 games

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