5. A-Z of Football – Brescia (98/99) – Welcome to Italy

Brescia it is! This time round, the outfit are currently in Serie B after relegation from Serie A. The board must have expected instant promotion as they aren’t actually in a bad position. I mean, promotion could actually still be on the cards if the league table is anything to go by!

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4.5 A-Z of Football – B?

There is a small reason this is currently 4.5. I decided to up sticks and leave Arsenal, in the hope that the game would progress a little faster and I can pick up a B job a lot quicker. There are a lot of “B” clubs in the game that look like good prospects…Little did I know how long this would take. As you can see below, I believe I have left the squad in good stead;

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4. A-Z of Football – Arsenal (97/98) – To pastures new?

Tuesday is A-Z day. Liam has been working his A off and with a trophy in the bag, is it time to move on to a B?

So if you read the previous update, you will see we won our first trophy. The League Cup is an extremely hard competition to win, and it is up there with the World Cup, or Champions League. I am buzzing to win it. This now means, I can look for a new club beginning with the letter B. I will stay at Arsenal and try to win more, until the appropriate opportunity arises!

Back to Arsenal though, and we do manage to make the UEFA Cup final following a nervy 2 legs against Lazio. Schalke in the Final!

The league is also coming to its end, with only a couple of games left. It is indeed all to play for, but the ball is in Liverpool’s court.

But before that, UEFA Cup Final time. Schalke have future Arsenal legend Jens Lehmann in goal. Now will he be able to stop the gunners?

Nope! He tries his best and picks up man of the match for his efforts, but we do manage to scrape past them with goals from Overmars and Gazza. No help from Richard Wright on this occasion…

Back to the league table, and it looks like Liverpool have squandered their chance!

It all comes down to the last game. Liverpool have the easiest game of the bunch, against Barnsley. Man Utd face Derby and we play Blackburn. Who will come out on top, who knows! Firstly, our game…

And we blew it. However, so do Liverpool! Man Utd draw against Derby and while that point was enough to keep them clear from us, Liverpool lose to Barnsley to ensure again, they do not win the league!

I do spot that a “B” team has finally become available, Brescia sack their manager, and I have just won the League Cup and the UEFA Cup, the 2 poorer selections. However, surely that puts me in good stead, right?

Wrong. I am still very low on the reputation list, so I have to wait for the end of season update before it looks like I can move on. Even so, it may be a wait for another “B” team to come free.

After a tiring league campaign, the top 2 face each other in the FA Cup Final, Dion Dublin is a Manchester United hero….For the wrong reasons!

Transfer season is upon us, and I want to secure some squad depth. These signings may not look massive, but they either have a good following, good potential or have had a good season. Also, being free transfers, also helps!

Very happy with Racunica personally. He has had a great season at Salzburg, and looked like he left his contract to run down

One player rejects me however, and another leaves for pastures new.

Obviously, it is now time for World Cup 1998! I won’t go into too much details, but here is what happened in the latter stages. I will cover the semi’s and final in my next update!

And that brings us to July, and the end of another update. In the next update, I hope to be able to move clubs and continue the challenge of a trophy at every letter. Until that time ladies and gentleman, adios!

If any of you are interested in my twitch, where I play FIFA predominantly, you can catch me at twitch.tv/Liavinco. Come and join the rage!

Whatever happened to: Dejan Racunica

Unfortunately, there is again a lack of information about Racunica. He didn’t seem to hit his potential, unfortunately all I can find about him is the following career path;

  • 2002 – 2004 Hajduk Split
  • 1999 – 2001 Hapoel Tel Aviv
  • 1997 – 1999 Hajduk Split
  • 1995 – 1997 Red Bull Salzburg
  • 1994 – 1994 Hajduk Split
  • 1992 – 1992 Croatia

Quite a short career for Racunica of only 10 years.

3. A-Z of Football – Arsenal (97/98) – We're gonna win the league (cup)

So here’s the story from A-Z…Liavinco is making great progress with Arsenal but can he cap it off with some glory?

Part 3 of the first journey, and it is really hitting me how long this will take! I am actually looking forward to this. Not a lot actually happened in January if I am honest with you. We made the League Cup Semi Finals, so there is potentially a chance for me to move on a little sooner than expected. Few transfers going ahead too, such as;

Jorg Albertz swaps Glasgow for Turin

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2. A-Z of Football – Arsenal (97/98) – Winter is Coming

At the end of the last write up, things were looking pretty good. 2nd in the league, an influx of signings, Ian Wright banging them in and still in the cups. Hopefully we can continue this form as we hit the later autumn and early winter months. Hoping, that we can top the table by christmas, and perhaps bring in a marquee signing to strengthen the midfield.

Saying that, strengthening the midfield means selling a midfielder. Unfortunately, that midfielder happens to be this man. He has played well for me so far, I just feel that to push for a title, we need to attract some bigger names. Thanks for everything Ray!


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1. A-Z of Football – Arsenal (97/98) – Transfers a plenty

Most peoples favourite part of management sims – Transfers. Not one to miss out, I set out on scouting to find those hidden superstars with unbelievable stats. I stumble across a few lads, who I think will definitely improve the squad. Those players are;

De Pedro looks like a great candidate for left wing. His Pace & Flair evident alongside great stats across the board. A banging debut as he gets his first goal for the club after just 3 minutes, in a dominant 4-1 victory over Everton. Shoring up the defence comes the legend that is Rigobert Song, and a potential star in Kenny Sivertsen, A 200k signing from Ikast. These 2 will be pushing to start at the RB position, although Kenny is out for 4 months for now! His stats and versatility look extremely good, and will be key to the team. Whether that be a starting position, or off the bench! One thing I learnt recently during some research, is that Ikast FS merged with Herning Fremad to create what we now know as FC Midtjylland!

Another player that shows me his worth, is the man above. This was a grind, but up pops Song to win me a hard fought game! Ian Wright is a beast of a striker on this game, and hopefully I can get loads of goals before he eventually retires.

3 new players join me in September, and I really need to make some space for any future signings. However – These 3 look pretty good. I have to remember that it isn’t about youth in this challenge, as soon as I win a trophy (Changed it from league to trophy, due to the 30 season limit) then I will be moving on. However – These 3 look like pretty good backups. Will start Albonetti alongside Adams

Seems like this unknown manager has just been sacked. Can only hope he ends up somewhere better. Does look like one for the future

Barcelona break the world record to bring Alfonso in, keeping with the realism. They also flex their cash, buying the goggled magician

So it is the end of this write up. We have been very strong so far in the season, but there is a surprise leader at this moment in time. Not a lot in it, but I do fancy ourselves in this form. Here are the last screenshots, see you next time!

Oh. Almost forgot!

Whatever happened to: Alberto Bernardi

There isn’t actually a lot to find on this lad. It is evident he didn’t fulfil the potential that CM have given him in my save. It would be better to show you his career than list the full amount. An Italian Journeyman, it looks as if he was actually a right winger as apposed to striker. Also – His career states that he wasn’t playing for Carpi at the time. Strange huh!

0. A-Z of Football: A is for Arsenal

Please welcome our newest blogger Liam to the team. Liam’s taking on an A-Z challenge as he’ll explain below.

We see a lot of generic stories throughout the world of Football Management sims but the ones that get me, are the ones containing challenges. I will be hoping to use some of these challenges in a few upcoming games, and this will be no different.

The goal – To win a league title with a team, starting with all letters of the alphabet. I will start at “A” all the way through to “Z”. Some may not be possible, so any that we do need to skip will be picked up at a later date “Q, Z, X etc”.

The team I start with? Well the choice was evident. It would have to be a team that I can build a reputation with, leaving Arsenal & Atletico Madrid. I decided on Arsenal, who I hope will be pushing for the league title straight away.

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