The Wonderkids – Part 7: Schaafted

Welcome back to the latest part of our mission to discover just how good a bunch of players with unlimited potential can become. So far, we made a late surge in our first season to secure the Division Three title making two additions to the squad on the way with our overall weakness appearing to be paper gloved goalkeepers. We have started life in Division Two quite successfully, but the goals and assists have become much more tightly dispersed and some players struggle with the step up. You can catch-up on our latest season from the beginning here.

Here is a customary reminder of where we left off last time out with some fellas from an Abbey chasing our behinds:

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Monday Night Football

Welcome to the latest hatchet job…I mean Monday Night Football with CM9798. As ever, you cast your votes as to who you’d like to see given the makeover, here was the result:

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The Wonderkids – Part 6: Parry on Regardless

The Wonderkids is an experimentation to see just how far the games potential rating of -1 can take a squad of young players given enough game time to develop. There are 655 players of this nature in the database, but we could only select so many. You can catch up with last week here.

Last week we’d made an almost perfect start to life in Division Two sitting top of the table, unbeaten having only drawn one. Unfortunately, Thomas ‘paper hands’ Sorenson has helped us towards an early exit in the League Cup. I’m also considering sending Curtolo on loan to Brondby to play in their Champions League group stages for a bit of works experience. Here’s a reminder of the table:

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The Wonderkids – Part 5: Nobody likes Worthington’s Anyway

The Wonderkids is back for a second season where we are trying to take a group of players with unlimited potential all the way to the top. You can catch up with from the beginning here.

Here we are again at the start of season two with The Wonderkids staring into the abyss of the Nationwide Division Two following our late promotion dash at the end of last season. The B Team were promoted, debts spiralled, and the board injected £16m. Plus we made two new additions for the new season ahead. Can we make it two promotions on the bounce? We bloody well need to thanks to the release clauses so here goes. Let’s take a refresher of the squad.

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The Wonderkids – Part 4: Band on the Run(in)

The Wonderkids has been inspired by the CM9798 community looking to carve out all the well kept secrets the game has had to offer over the years, and by Dave’s original Academy save – you can catch up on last week here.

Here we are again as we look to finish our first season in charge of some of CM9798’s deadliest talent, desperately seeking promotion to avoid a mass exodus. Last time out we got ourselves stuck in a rut following a run of bad injuries to what had become some key players and that our ‘keepers were about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. We’d made a strong addition to the defence and have kept within sniffing distance of the top 4 with 13 games to go. Here’s a reminder of the table:

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