CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 37: Lottery

Welcome back! The end of season 12 is nigh, with 16 league games to go we sit 13th – which sounds bad, but when you consider it is one win from the playoffs, the picture all of a sudden seems clearer. Can we force our way into the end of season lottery that is the playoffs? I think we should find out.

Div 1 Jan S12

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Leeds Redux – Part 2 | @RossBell1984

Happy Weekend! Ross is here to start your Saturday with a bang as he tries to rebuild Leeds again again.

Ahoy-hoy! When I last left you we had just suffered defeat to Wimbledon. Lets see if we can get back on track this week.

First up we’ve got Chelsea, always a tough ask on this game but thankfully for me Hasselbaink and Bowyer prove too much for them and we proceed to pick up a good win.

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Leeds Redux – Part 1 | @RossBell1984

You may remember earlier in the year when Ross tried – and failed – to make Leeds United a force again. Spurred on by their real life achievements, Ross is back in the dugout in 1997 to give it another go…

Let’s try this again shall we! Way back in January 2020 back when things were normal and no one ever wore a facemask I took on a task set to me by our overlord here Dave to try and have a successful season with Leeds…It went badly to say the very least, we survived relegation on the final day thanks to a 0-0 draw with Wimbledon.

So let’s run it back, we’ve all had time to grow and learn, let’s see if I can make it work 8 months down the road.

First up just like last time is Spurs, this time it’s different, not massively we still fail to actually beat them but a 1-1 draw is sure better than a 4-3 loss! Oh yeah you may notice some much smarter signings this time around. Emmers and Page lead me to a league title with Liverpool and I needed an AMC so please welcome Par Zetterberg to partner David Hopkin in the AMC roles.

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The Regen Finder – Download

Hello! For those of you who follow my Twitter ramblings, you’ll know a good friend of mine built a program to help find regens. I’ve had a go with it and it’s really quite good though it has some shortcomings. As a disclaimer, neither of us are in a position to offer an awful lot of help right now so I have put my understandings below and if you want to play around and report back, that would be great.

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Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 8: Champmanitis

Good day! I’m delighted to bring you episode 8 of Champ Manager on the Post, our podcast celebrating the CM series. You can listen to the episode here

We’ve now covered all of the individual games so we have a slightly different approach for this and all future episodes. We’ll be talking to various members of the community to celebrate everybody keeping the series alive. Read on for the full synopsis of this episode!

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CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 33: 46 is the new 30

Welcome back! The Retirement Home made a triumphant return last week, which lasted about 3 games before we fell into our old ways. In my defence, which is the worst in the league, our only mobile goalkeeper got injured and the pair of geriatrics who stood in for him couldn’t catch a cold. The table makes grim reading. Only 12 for and a massive 31 against. At least we’re not in the bottom 3.

League table Oct S11

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CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 32: Back in the habit

Welcome back! It’s been about 4 months since our last visit to the Retirement Home but as you’ll know if you’ve been following on Twitter, it’s been a summer of recruitment and rebuilding as we look to fight back from the Premier League relegation. We’ve got an immediate advantage compared to last season as only one player hangs up their boots and even then, he was about to lose his work permit. Good day to you sir. Let’s see who we can bring in…

Songoo retires

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