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Bottom’s Up – Part 5: A Crown & A Semi | @FMCM_FC

Here’s Nathan for one final time this season. This save is only just getting warmed up so I do hope it’ll be back in a few weeks!

Evening all and welcome back to the world where everything is upside. In this update we will look to finish season 1 and do a round up of all the active leagues. With Rangers, We have already been promoted and the title should follow shortly. We are also in the UEFA Cup QF. So let’s wrap up season 1.

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Bottom’s Up – Part 4: Cup Low League High | @FMCM_FC

Nathan the Gent is here with his upside down leagues. Rangers are looking good for a promotion but what about their European ambitions?

Hello everyone and welcome back to this crazy upside world where i’ve taken over Glasgow Rangers who are in Division 3. We’ve opened up a 10 point lead at the top of the table and find ourselves in the UEFA Cup Quarter Finals against Helsingborgs. So without further ado let’s dive into this update.

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Bottom’s Up – Part 3: Unbelievable Jeff! | @FMCM_FC

The Premier League…is upside down…the Premier League is upside down. Here’s Nathan with the latest from the upside down divisions

Hello all and welcome back to Glasgow were the world is upside down. All the leagues have been reversed so we are in Division 3 with the aim being to get back to the Premier League and back into Europe. In the last update we got back on track at the top of the table and progressed in the UEFA Cup. So let’s see if we can cement that top spot in this update.

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Bottoms Up – Part 2: On The Charge | @FMCM_FC

Don’t be fooled – today is Tuesday. Bank Holiday Monday is a distant memory so here’s Matt with part two of turning the leagues upside down

Morning all and welcome back to the upside down world of football. A quick reminder of what has happened. We have moved all top divisions to the bottom divisions so the Premier League teams are now in Division 3 and vice versa. Same goes for all the leagues in between, So Division 1 becomes Division 2. I’ve done this throughout Europe as well. I’ve taken control of Rangers with the aim of getting them back into the Scottish Premier League and Europe. We’ve not had the greatest of starts but it’s early days. We will also keep an eye on England and Italy as they are the other leagues I have loaded in this save.

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Bottoms Up – Part 1: Parallel Universe | @FMCM_FC

Nathan’s back! And he’s got a new hat. Or more accurately, a new idea. Here he is to explain more…

Hello Everyone, I’ve had a bit of break and within that break the European Super League was born and died. The “big” six clubs from England and where facing demotion. This lead me to an idea that I’ve been sitting on for a while. What would happen if the footballing world turned upside? what if Division 3 became the Premier League and vice versa? Well we are about to find out. I’ve been through all the playable leagues in the 9 different countries and swapped everyone. In some divisions some teams haven’t moved due to the number of teams being different in the top division. For this experiment i’m going to take Rangers back to the Scottish Premier League. Rangers have been here before when made to work there back up the Scottish Football League pyramid. The difference this time is it’s the 97/98 season and they have kept all their star players. Here is the current squad.

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A Legend Returns – Part 18: Failure | @FMCM_FC

With that wonderful four day weekend drifting away, here’s Nathan to light up your Tuesday. Except it’s not really going to plan…

Evening everyone and welcome along for another dose of Diego in Naples. The plan is to win Serie A and replicate the glory days Maradona brought to Naples first time round. We our at the end of our 4th season and we are in a real struggle to finish in the top 4. We crashed out of the Coppa Italia in the Quarter Finals and the Champions League in the group stage. We have a handful of games left to try and get a top 4 spot so let’s see how we go.

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A Legend Returns – Part 17: Time Running Out | @FMCM_FC

Good morning! Here’s Nathan with the latest from Naples…

Hello everyone and welcome back to Naples where we will check in with Diego and the lads. In the last update we got knocked out of both the cup and Europe as well and our league form was so poor at one point that the board were considering my position as manager. Luckily we managed to scrape some results together to stick around for now. Let’s see if we can surge up the table with just the league to concentrate on.

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A Legend Returns – Part 16: On The Brink | @FMCM_FC

Happy Tuesday. Nathan came close with Napoli but they’re struggling to go one step further. Can they rescue it this week?

Hello everyone. It’s Tuesday which means we are back in Naples (if only!) to see how Diego and the lads are getting on. Last time out we started well but the goals dried up and we couldn’t buy a win! Our European dreams where in tatters and we had fallen well behind the leaders in Serie A. Let’s hope for a turn around in fortunes here.

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A Legend Returns – Part 14: Euro Trekking | @FMCM_FC

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for a new season in Naples – here’s Nathan…

Hello everyone and welcome back to Naples for season 4. Last season was our most successful and yet are most heart breaking as we missed out on the league title by 3 points and losing the Champions League Final. Diego and the boys are back and thirsty for success so we go again.

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