AFC United – Part 28: Ta Ra Fergie | @Matt_C_Wills

Merry Monday to you all! Here’s Matt to kick off your week with AFC United.

Good Monday morning to you. A lot has happened in the north east in football terms in the past week – I don’t even know if by the time you read this United stalwart Steve Bruce will still be in a job, as close as he is to 1,000 games as a manager.

Nor am I sure I’ll get David Brown near 1,000 goals – there’s no marking the keeper tactic on CM9798, at least one hasn’t been invented yet….

Anyway, we finished Season 11 as champions of England and Europe, with aging winger Ryan Giggs netting the winner against Bayern Munich. While the old timers are winding down after 12 seasons, the young regens are finding their feet in the team and we bring in some new, but familiar additions. Sampson is Graeme Tomlinson reborn, Bryan Essandoh is Keith Gillespie – and with a surname like that I’m expecting some dramatic cup goals, while Ken Gallen is Keano as a youngster.


The new signings will hopefully get some experience on loan, but immediate matters are the season curtain raiser against Liverpool and we offer them little charity to regain the Shield

It’s a steady start in the league and we have the regens of Denis Irwin and Lee Sharpe at wingbacks and Paul Ince Jnr at 6. The rest of the team looking settled after 11 seasons together.

Micheal Owen doesn’t think he should be on the bench, and he may have a point


Halloween is normally in October, or so I thought, but this horror show happened a month early, as Hermann Munster and his friends blow us away at Ewood Park

It’s MOB rule as we start our European defense and we come out just the right side of 5 goals

Our first meeting of the season with Fergie rounds out the month with honours even. Not an original player in sight, although that might be mostly down to me pinching most of them


Groenteman is obviously no Winston Bogarde and our European exploits rumble on

The League Cup doesn’t seem to be a competition we have much luck in but maybe we can change that, starting at Cambridge. Blomqvists injury is a blow, but at least we have Giggs as back up now


Ryan Giggs proves to me there is still gas in the tank and perennial challengers Villa are knocked aside

Don Brennan’s Derby are a different matter though and at least he can go back to Ivy with a smile

We seem to be saving all our goals for Europe (or the league is leveling out) as we hit 6 against the Russians

In the league though, it seems like we are beginning to stutter again, Liverpool getting Charity revenge. Giggsy seems to aging like Last of the Summer Wine – no rolling down hills in a bath tub mind Ryan


The winter months bring more super-cup challenges and our trip to Japan to face Santos goes on a bit, but we prevail

2 days later it’s League Cup action and we dig deep to thwart a Macken come back

Another goal fest in Europe and our trip to Amsterdam is not a Wasta time

In the league though, a boxing day reverse at West Ham dents our title ambitions

We see out 2008 with a blitz on Arsenal, with Brown fluffing a chance of a Hat trick


The new year brings new hope. That’s not Dion Dublin with the own goal. Or Jason Donovan with the red card btw

Can we make it a Hat Trick of super cups this season? With two in the cabinet, Liverpool might have other ideas. Brown’s reducer might be invaluable for the return leg though

Well, if we are going to win the League Cup it looks like we’ll do it the hard way. Mulryne a popular surname these days

It’s slightly more straight forward in the FA Cup at least

That David Brown away goal does indeed prove to be vital and Liverpool lose out again. Is this the lowest treble you can do in a season?

Feels like we haven’t played a league game for a while, so lets see how we are getting on…oh. Dud at the Hud.


Another game against Liverpool and we don’t mess around at Anfield. David Broiwn had the scent of blood and we’ve one foot in the final.

The cup games are coming thick and fast now, thank god Europe takes a break until March. Yes, that is Trevor Benjamin causing the need for a replay

We’re packed to the rafters for the League Cup Semi-Final Second Leg but it’s a dull affiar after the goal glut in the first leg, but, job done and it’ll be Arsenal in the final who seem to be struggling in the league this season

Whilst that final is set up, this one will carry on without us. Peter Schmeichel Jnr doing his best David De Gea impression and sending us out of the FA Cup. Bloody Trev B again.

Still, things are trucking along nicely in the league, even if Fergie tries to cause a supply chain issue


The knock out stages of the Champions League and we come away from the San Siro with lots of things to think about. Gerry Francis is in charge, which might explain why they have Joseph Desire-Job upfront.

Belinda is always guaranteed to cheer me up, even if we dream we want the same thing – 3pts

We make a valiant effort when Gerry and the Facepainters come to town, but Thierry Henry does the damage and we are out of another cup competition. Just the league and league cup to aim for now

Oh bollocks. No way through against 10 men, so we deserve to lose really. David Brown’s Big Occassion is obviously randomly set below 10…..

Maybe if I had remembered to put a striker on the bench…..


It’s just the league to look forward to now and we’re in the hunt with that win over Aston Villa on Easter Monday putting us top of the league finally


Just when we seem to have a chance at redemption, we become our own worst enemies

Liverpool – again. Enter Sandeman, exit light.

Man City, with some help from Alex rain on our parade and is that us done for?

Still, we finish on a flourish against West Ham

In the end though, it’s too little too late. That loss to Liverpool killed it for us and we miss out on the Champions League, which is potentially a financial timebomb for our little club. Signing Giggs, Neville, Butt and Scholes on big wages probably wasn’t as wise a choice as I first thought. We’re top scorers but no one in the top half conceded as much as us.

It’s been an up and down season, but really 4th in the league and a Treble of Super Cups is a bit of a let down for this squad

At the other end of the table, we wave bye-bye to Belinda and Newcastle again. I’m sure Arsenal would have swapped League Cup glory for Premiership survival, surely?

Time to catch up on Cup Final action, as the bystander this time around

Derby overcome newly promoted Darlo in the FA Cup

Juventus are still stocked with familiar faces as they pick up the Cup Winners Cup

It’s more Italian prowess in the Uefa Cup final

Inter can’t make it an Italian clean sweep though, as Rangers have other ideas. Not even Seth Johnson can save them from defeat.

Well, my strikers have been firing and my defense has preformed well, but we’ve come up short too many times this season, have we peaked and it’s only downhill from here?

We got Danny Hall to 600 games this season, but how many does he have left in the tank?

David Brown has passed 350 goals, so I’m keen on another season to get him to the magical 400 mark

We’re well represented in the end of season awards, David Brown with the golden boat and Robbo repairing his reputation is heart warming to see, maybe he’ll have a Cesare Maldini style renaisance?

Cheers Roy my boy

In a bit of a shock, so shocking I forgot to capture it, Alex Ferguson resigns as Man Utd manager and takes up the reigns at Aberdeen.

So, who do they turn to in their hour of need?

No thanks!

So unless we draw Aberdeen in the Uefa Cup, it’s unlikely we’ll face Fergie again, so it leaves our record at:

P 26 W 7 D 6 L 13 F 27 A 42 GD -15

So he’s bested us on the head-to-head, fair enough. He’s still in front in terms of trophies, 29 to 23, so we’ll be back next week to see if we can close that gap. Thanks for reading!

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