Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 9: Living the Dream

Good day to you! The September (ignore that it is now October) episode of Champ Man on the Post is now available and as ever we’ve got three brilliant guests to tell their story.

Ross and I are joined by Tony Jameson, Paul The Northman and Ash from CM_Hints as we discuss everything from standup to fantasy cricket.

You can listen to the episode here or you can read on for the full synopsis.

  • Comedian Tony Jameson tells us about his stand-up Football Manager ruined my life as well as his history with the game and his new Football Manager podcast, Football Manager Therapy
  • Paul “The Northman” explains how he went from his laptop to the dugout as he took his love of the game to the next level.
  • CM_Hints talks Fantasy Football and the skills he takes from CM to FPL.

We’ll be back with episode 10 later this month…hopefully.

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