Introducing the 2019 CM9798 Cup

Hello! It’s no secret that the wheels have been in motion for the 2019 CM9798 Cup for a while. In an attempt to go bigger and better than last year’s World Cup, we’ve upped the field to 20 and ran a draft style system. Each manager has their own team, custom designed and ready to entertain.

This will be my last big tournament as I’m cutting back my commitments in the new season. The blog will continue and I’ll hopefully still have regular updates for you but I doubt I’ll be able to put aside the amount of time to do this sort of thing. The hours of editing, creating and generally pissing about with a spreadsheet of over 600 players do not come easily. Now if somebody wants to pay me to do this, that’s another matter…

Anyway, onto the event.

The Contenders

FPL Hints returns as defending champion. He will immediately have a bullseye on his chest after winning the World Cup with Italy last summer. Beaten finalist 90sFootball is also back for another crack.

In fact 14 of the field featured last season. Only myself and Adam (Belgium) have dropped out, so we welcome back guest writers KingOfTheRooks, Matt_C_Wills, Ross Jacobs, Rob Tait and Corinthian Collector. There’s also spots for friends of the blog Ross Bell, Tom Reed, Chris Darwen, Ash Rose, Mark Carruthers, Dan Barker and 2017 Champion Dan Williamson

Stepping up from their analysis roles last season are Tom Rostance and Michael Marden. They talk a good game but how will their get on in the dugout?

SupernovaDragon joined the writing team this season so he pitches up with a team, whilst 90s enthusiast Sid Lambert brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Dave Mathieson is full of 9798 nuggets on Twitter and takes the 19th spot which leaves bundle winner S4ooter to take the final spot.

The Draft

It’s not easy trying to organise twenty people around the country so although I wanted to do a draft, I was also aware time was an issue. I mean that in the sense both in terms of how long I had to set things up but also asking people to give up their time for this.

The lads were asked to pick a squad of 18 players but order them in terms of who they prioritised. So their first pick was their most important player. If more than one team picked the same player, whoever had them as a higher priority got the player. Those spaces would then be filled by the second draft phase.

Clearly some strategy would be needed – picking the best 18 players imaginable would leave the managers running the gauntlet of the second draft so some tact would be needed. Paddy (90sFootball) took matters into his own hands and named a team of Patrick’s (or continental equivalent) and got all 18 of his squad. Poor old SupernovaDragon got 4 of his 18. If anybody really wants to see it I’ll publish the full spreadsheet of carnage.

A scoring system was in place so that a unique player was worth 20 points, a player you stole from another team (due to a higher priority ranking) was worth 10 and a player you lost on that basis was worth -10. The highest score meant you got first pick of a draft pack. As Paddy didn’t need any replacements, there were 19 draft packs.

The draft packs were my way of speeding the process up. Each pack had 14 players in and there were two preview players on show for each pack. Each manager in turn chose a pack and then were given the full list of 14 – they’d then pick however many they needed from that list to complete their squads.

Confused? Try administering it!

The Squads

The upshot of all that is that the squads are now complete. They are in the thumbnails below if you want to take a peek – there’ll be a full preview blog coming up. The lads were asked to pick team names related to their name/Twitter name/publication but that soon went by the wayside. Please note AFC Supernova Dragons were awarded a bonus Chris Sutton by way of an apology – my foolproof spreadsheet failed to pick up Paolo Maldini at number 4 in his list when Quickly Kevin United had him at number two. Racked with guilt, Maldini was replaced by Nesta and Sutton is playing the role of a basket of muffins.

The Format

There will be four groups of five teams, with the top two in each advancing to the quarter finals. Then it’ll be a straight knockout to the final.

The draw will be coming up in a few days, I just need more kinder egg pods. Yes, really.

Matches will be recorded but as ever they will be summarised via blog posts. We’re almost ready to start, I’ll have a definitive date soon and we can be started by June at the latest.

The Prize

Alongside the coveted trophy, there’s a £25 Classic Football Shirts voucher up for grabs. There are other prizes being worked on – please do get in touch if you have something to give away in exchange for exposure on the posts. My sincere thanks to CFS for offering up any sort of prize, it’s really appreciated.

For the non-entrants there will be prizes to be won along the way, so keep an eye out for that.

So in the words of David S Pumpkins – Any Questions?

12 thoughts on “Introducing the 2019 CM9798 Cup

  1. Brilliant! Been reading through all the blogs this week and I’m very much looking forward to seeing this unfold.

    Digging out an old laptop at the weekend to get 97/98 installed on it as it just will not work on my phone!

    Anyway, good luck!

    (My money’s on Exeter Gently – I’m a sucker for Ogrizovic…)

    Liked by 1 person

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