Community XI: Left Back

This was definitely the hardest position to fill – a lot more household names in this vote. Once again, there’s 5 for you to pick from, and a little bit of reasoning below for each nominee

Niclas Alexandersson

For the man who can play everywhere, you could make an argument for him in any position. However, nobody likes buying full backs and you had to have this guy in your squad, so he often got shoe horned in there at left full back. Indeed, in the blog game Spurs are playing versatile Nic at left back even though he’s pushing 40. But they are managed by Joe Kinnear…

Roberto Carlos – 2nd, 38%

Well this hero starts at Real Madrid so you know he’s good. Hot on the heels of that free kick in Le Tournoi, Roberto Carlos is a set piece maestro which means he’s as useful in attack as he is in defence. The galactico left back.

Paolo Maldini – 1st, 43%

Again, one of the world’s all time greatest defenders needs very little justification. A model of consistency who can also play centre back, starts out at Milan and if he leaves it’s only for Real Madrid or Barca, or occasionally Man Utd if they’ve got sick of Phil Neville.

Alessandro Nesta

An Italian hero, who starts the game as a young star at Lazio. Martyn Oakley is a big fan:

The hardest position to fill. Frank De Boer was nigh on impossible to pry away from Ajax and would have been my first choice every time. Slightly out of position, but Nesta was much easier to get hold of at the time, usually in part exchange, but would work perfectly at left back or as the left side of a back three.

Ok, so maybe not as big a fan of Nesta as he is of Frank de Boer, but de Boer was married to Ajax so forget it Frank, you’re out.

Barjuan Sergi – 3rd, 11%

Sergi starts the game as Barcelona’s left back and is probably the most solid out and out left back on the game. Unfortunately as he’s at Barca he is basically impossible to sign, so it’s a pleasure only Barca will know of. This game was released before Keith Gillespie tore him apart though, I doubt he ever recovered from that. Kev W has more:

Barcelona Spanish left back, hard to sign for obvious reasons being at barca, if your lucky could get on a free after 2 or 3 seasons, best left back on the game



1 thought on “Community XI: Left Back

  1. please allow me this insignificant suggestion: Andreas Brehme (who went bankrupt last year) played till 1998 and CM usually follows Andreas’s will. this means after the 1998 World Cup a new great left back is going to appear


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