Community XI: Goalkeepers

Please place your vote for your favourite goalkeeper in CM97/98. If you need a hand making your mind up, there’s a bio for each below:

Bengt Andersson

This Swedish stopper starts at a poor Tenerife side and is notoriously busy as a result. As his average rating soars, so does his stock and he usually ends up at a middle of the road Premier League side

@fajlovesyerma says:

A real coup, top class keeper and played for ages


Starting in the Brazilian leagues with Cruzeiro, this youngster is available for relative peanuts. I’m talking about £500k. He turns out to be almost unbeatable, and for those following my career game his worth to my Auxerre side cannot be underplayed. A real beast.

Mickael Landreau (Winner – 42%)

Landreau had several nominations and I’m obviously a fan since I’ve signed him for Leeds & Liverpool during this career, and was my France goalkeeper when winning the World Cup. He starts at Nantes, where he regularly denied Auxerre when I faced them.

@Paul_Redfern82 says:

Realistically the only true top drawer goalkeeper on the game that you could attract away from his base club before he got too old to be worth bothering. Almost instantly as good as the top goalkeepers like Schmeichel and Van Der Sar, he would usually stay loyal, keep his wage demands low and serve you for over a decade.

Peter Schmeichel (3rd, 15%)

No words needed really, Man Utd’s number 1 was practically unbeatable in season 1 & 2, before the decline begins and he’s usually sacked it all off by 2000.

@_markreynolds says:

He may only stay at his best for about 2-3 seasons at the start of the game but he would be like a brick wall, beating Man Utd was so goddamn difficult

Neil Sullivan

The Wimbledon goalkeeper is ever so busy, the Dons aren’t the best but Sullivan’s hands are very warm. A midtable favourite of many.

Richard Wright (2nd, 20%)

Beginning at Ipswich, Wright is nearly always snapped up by a Premier League clubs within a few weeks of the game starting. With him being 19, you can get almost 20 years out of him for about £4m. I just hope for your sake he turns out better than he did in real life after his big move.


1 thought on “Community XI: Goalkeepers

  1. to be honest I was never aware of Neil Sullivan’s potencial, I never spend a foreign credit on a goalkeeper and I always start with small teams so, by the time I reach Premier League we´re already on the 4th season and Schmeichel is no longer what he used to be =)
    Anderson is good (probably “very good will define hm better”), Wright is a great achievement for me (at 1st Division I already can get him and Michael Landreau is – at least in theory – one of the best goalkeepers os the game. take a look at O’tole from Everton and Weaver from Leyton Orient. two very interesting options

    and theres’s a italian GK that always take those annual prizes. Pagotto I think! Angelo Pagotto is his name (I’m on my Mac so I can’t confirm but I’m positive sure). He appears to be tremendous


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