The guide to finding re-gens in CM9798

Good day! You might notice I’m blogging more than ever at the moment – it’s amazing what you get up to on your days off work. Anyway, seeing as the Academy has reached the point where re-gens are key and I get at least one person on Twitter every week asking how to find a re-gen, let’s get this sorted.

Just in case you don’t know, every time a player retires on CM9798 (and most CMs for that matter) they regenerate as a younger version of themselves. Whilst they won’t be at their peak straight away, it’s an open goal in terms of development as you know what they will improve to become. I usually loan them out for a few seasons if I’m a big club but at the Academy we don’t really have that luxury, they need to learn on the job. With that in mind, there are only a few things to look out for.

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Players in CM9798 still playing in FM19

Every year we do a check up to see if any players from CM9798 are still around in the latest Football Manager. Last year we found there were 27 players still playing and I don’t expect that number has increased much. With the retirement of Robbie Keane last week another one has bitten the dust, even if he is technically still on the game until the next update is released. How many are left?

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Short Stories: Real Betis – Part 3

Hola! I hope you are ready for one last update from Betis, where I set out to investigate if this Real Betis squad is capable of winning La Liga. After a less than stellar start things really started motoring in the last update. Top of the table and still in two cups, what’s not to enjoy?

We pick up with 12 games to go and a 4 point lead.

table 26 games

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Where are the current EFL managers in CM9798?

Good day to you. The danger of me having time off work is that you will grow tired of mwe trying to combine the past and the present. Hot on the heels of locating the current Premier League managers in CM9798, I’ve done the same for the EFL clubs. There are 37 on offer, so if you’re of a quizzical nature try and name the 37 before you scroll down.

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The 18/19 Premier League Managers in CM9798

Hello hello. It’s time for our annual catch up on where the current crop of Premier League managers can be found in CM9798. I’ve done this for a few years now and this is the first time without Arsene Wenger. Anyway, let’s start with his successor…

Arsenal – Unai Emery

Long before Emery was helping Arsenal win away games again he was plying his trade for Toledo in the second tier of Spanish football. His stats actually seem quite good, what he lacks in pace he makes up for in passing and set pieces. Not to mention heading, oddly. The David Silva of his day.


Emery had a fairly modest playing career but of course went on to enjoy a lot of success in his native Spain, managing Almeria, Valencia and Sevilla. He became Mr Europa League in the latter which is probably what drew Arsenal to him. Cheap shot, I know.

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