CM9798 on an Android Phone?!

One of the questions I am most commonly asked is if it is possible to get CM9798 to work on my phone/ipad/tablet and many other variances of those devices. I’ve always had to say it’s not possible – until now that is…

Adam Grimes took some time out to create some video guides, but I’ve broken them down in to a step by step guide below:

First things first, you need to download the game to your laptop/computer. Adam used a website called but you can use any version of the game as far as I know. Of course, scan everything you download, do it at your own risk etc etc. If you’ve already got it on your latpop you shouldn’t need to download it again.

Connect your Android to Laptop using a USB cable.

Copy the CM9798 folder from PC to downloads folder on Android Phone

You’ll need to download File Commander, Dosbox Turbo (not free) and Dosbox Manager (free)

On your Android, if you look in the Downloads folder you’ll find CM9798

Open Dosxbox Manager – click and hold on default, copy profile, call it a name such as cm9798

Click and hold on cm9798 folder, then choose edit config

Go into Dosbox settings

scroll down to Autoexec

In the autoexec file, type the following to run the game. The filepaths are based on Adam’s guide so if you have named anything differently you’ll need to take that into account.
mount c:/storage/emulated/0/Download
cd cm9798
cd games
cd chmpmn97
set DOS4G=quiet

Recommended Settings:

Set Memory Size as high as possible
Cycles (Auto) and Frame skip (default)
Select Input Mode – Touchscreen mouse
Mouse Tracking – Absolute
Overlay Buttons – button location (top)
Button controller maps – virtual keys for space, right mouse button

In DosBox Manager, click Championship Manager. The game should open, you can then choose whether it’s the 8MB or 16MB version that you run.

If you’d like to see the videos (and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see Adam recorded these in his van. Top dedication.) they are below:

Part 1

Part 2

I don’t have an Android so I can’t test this myself, but please do tweet me your results. Good luck!


Champ Man & Me: Paul from Retro Football TV

Welcome to a new episode of Champ Man & Me, where I pester people from the internet into telling me about their history in this game we love. As it happens, they are people who are creating content that I think is excellent, and this is my way of doffing my proverbial cap to them. I’m joined this time by Paul Machin from Retro Football TV and I heartily reccommend going to watch some of their videos…after you read this of course.

Thanks for joining me, Paul. Tell us about Retro Football TV! How did it all begin?

First off, the core of the Retro channel comes from my passion for hoarding cool stuff from my childhood, haha! From a technical perspective, we’ve been running a Liverpool FC channel “The Redmen TV” since 2010, and whilst that is always my primary focus, it is nice to be able to make some content that isn’t reliant on whether 11 fellas are good at footy on any given week. One thing that has helped make Redmen a success is putting people together in the same room, something that is less and less a thing these days. For me playing football games was always about being in the same room as your mates, and all the banter, celebrations and arm punches that go with it. People these days play FIFA online, sat at home in their bedrooms. We’re trying not just to bring back some of the old games, but the fun of playing them too.

Retro Football TV is part of the BallStreetNetwork. What’s that then?

The Ball Street Network is essentially a collective of creators, who much like myself, have a passion for footy, and a desire to make cool content around that passion. Despite our differing backgrounds (and clashes of teams supported), we share the bond of long hours, hard work, little money, and dealing with internet trolls. In a nutshell, we’re a number of small independent teams who come together to support each other and make bigger things happen, whether it’s dealing with brands and sponsors, or just a little bit of technical advice or experience.

The CM01/02 Challenge is brilliantly innovative and I don’t think anywhere else has gone to as much time and effort in producing a series like it. Would you say 01/02 is your favourite version of the game?

Yeah, I reckon so, I think it balances a good level of detail, with the key element that each match doesn’t consume an entire night of your life, which is my main problem with the more modern iterations. That said, Champ Man Italia on the Amiga 600 is right up there too, and of course 97/98 which was first one that EVERYONE in my class played at school.

Obviously I’m a big fan of CM97/98, do you have any memories of that particular version?

Yeah that was the version that didn’t require the disc to run, and also came out at the time when CD disc copying became a thing. There was probably one disc between about 30 of us in school, haha! I remember that Robbie Fowler was always injured at the start of the season, so you had to move fast to tie him down to a new contract, when he was fit, his wage demands were too high and he would leave on a free. I fondly remember a Real Betis save with Chilavert in goal (on pens, naturally), and then a rotation of Bosman centre forwards (Weah-Batistuta-Fowler) over the following seasons.

Do you ever have the chance to play the more modern games or do you prefer the retro nostalgia?

I actually run a PES 2017 Master League series on my personal youtube channel called “The 3 Year Plan”, trying to get Liverpool out of the Championship using the original Master League squad as a base. In terms of Football Manager, I’ve got the new one, and manged to smash Burnley on the opening day with Liverpool, but it just takes too much time and thought to play so I’ve not booted it up in months. I currently have CM 01/02, FM2006, and FM 2017 installed on my laptop.

There’s a series you do called Wheel of Wank – what’s the absolute worst game you’ve played!?

Christ, there’s been a few! It’s amazing how badly so many of them failed to stand the test of time! Chris Kamara’s Street Soccer is horrendous, as is WLS 99, although Michael Owen’s intro is incredible- literally the most wooden delivery of a line of dialogue ever!

You’re a Liverpool fan, did you typically choose them when playing CM or did you prefer to build up a different team?

I’ve always tended to stay away from managing Liverpool as I take it too personally if things aren’t going to plan! It’s easier to go back to an old game and do it now, but with current seasons I hate not being able to play exactly like the real team. Case in point this season is Firmino up front and Milner at left back, clearly Origi/Sturridge and Moreno are better fits in the game, but I’m too stubborn, and end up cocking up my season as a result. Haha! In the past I’ve had great times in charge of Juve (CM Italia), Betis (CM 97/98), Real Madrid (FM 2005) and especially Valencia (FM 2007)- Chris (who runs the CM Series with me) and I had an epic network game running over a few seasons on that one!

Thanks again to Paul for taking the time out to join me. You can follow Retro Football TV on Twitter or view their videos on Youtube – you won’t regret it!

Back in the Game

Hello! Welcome to season two of our little experiment. The Chelsea Cobras were the outstanding team in Season One, winning everything on a domestic front and looking well equipped to take on Europe with a very young Shevchenko leading the line. Meanwhile, I’ve got sick of watching so I’m back in a dugout. But where? Let’s go back to 1998…

Every season the game promotes a non-league club to Division 3. They have no players, very little money and no manager. Deal me in. Altrincham are the promoted side in this case, “benefitting” from my years of experience.

There is a problem though. Normally, you can pick up a few decent Premier League youngsters either for a pittance or on loan. Literally nobody is listed for loan. In this climate, those youngsters are now important squad members, or have gone elsewhere and play regularly. It means it’s slim pickings. Fortunately, known legendary free transfer Graeme Tomlinson is available, as is £5k striker Andrew Mainwaring. Robert Dunn is the only available Partick Thistle legend, but he’ll do nicely. Garry Monk arrives to play in the back three, along with future Boro flop Paul Okon and Wimbledon legend Alan Kimble. Funny man Michael McIntyre is at right back


Love a creative right back. Anyway, here’s what I’ve ended up with by November


Tony Cottee and Mick Quinn were not the star signings I envisaged. Anyway, we’re 11th, which is okay. Don’t worry though, I have no intention of staying here and taking us to the Premier League etc etc. We’ve seen it all before. I’m merely using Altrincham to boost my career. Come at me.


Back to the big leagues and the Charity Shield is a great day for…Barnsley.


Top scenes for the Barnsley Tykes, who are really going places under Kevin Keegan. Those places include the Champions League Quarter Finals, barring something hideous happening.


Their league form isn’t great, but at least they aren’t Steve Bruce


They’re 16th and the squad is…much better than that


One of the fuller squads anyway. And if Darren Caskey can’t get a game, you know you’ve built a great side. Anyway, when life gives you lemons, sign for Altrincham


Bruce’s former team mate jumps in his proverbial grave


Midlands Managerial Merry-go-round continues as they steal from North London


Spurs complete the cycle


Bye Steve


That won’t end well. Here’s the table:


We did speculate that Arrigo Sacchi could be a bit of a coup and here we are in Season 2 with the Dell Boys top of the pile. When you see the squad he has to work with, it’s a bleeding miracle


But you know, it’s a strong team. That includes John Salako. Mad Jens probably also having a great time. Football is odd. Jimmy Nicholl has turned Man Utd around, they’re a threat again, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the season continues.

At the bottom, the three non-franchises are not doing so well. Bryan Robson has a job on to make Villa any good and Ian Rush’s Liverpool are falling like a stone. Big clubs, few hopes.


We’ll leave it there for this week, hopefully that has whetted your appetite sufficiently to make you come back next week to see how we get on as the calendar crosses to 1999. See you there!



England pay the penalty (again)

Bonjour! We’re off to France for World Cup 1998, but before I dust off my Footix Tamagotchi we’ve got the end of the domestic season to worry about. Chelsea Cobras are looking to complete a treble, in this the strangest of inaugral seasons. Let’s start with part one of that treble, the pointless cup.

League Cup

The Premier League’s top two go head to head as the Cobras battle the Tykes


I don’t know why Chris Casper played up front ok? Keegan does what he wants. Well, except winning. Chelsea did that. Maybe the FA Cup will see a different winner

FA Cup

In a blow for neutral hopes, the two Premier League sides face each other in a semi final


Chelsea are just too strong. Ian Rush has no answer to his former manager Roy Evans. Meanwhile, the two first Division sides scrap out a 0-0 and have to play again. Maaaan


What a time to be alive, with Ogrizovic and Pressman lining up opposite each other. Nigel Clough puts the world out of their collective misery. It’s quite a final too…


Sheva again! Or maybe that’s Seva. Anyway, they play again


Oh look who scored again. City (and Bury for that matter) are promoted, so it’ll be interesting to see how they fit in. They haven’t had to put up with all the chaos.

Champions League

English teams got nowhere, mainly because all their players were cup tied.


Barcelona vs Juventus, a high quality final no doubt


Sol Campbell does win a Champions League, and all he had to do was sign for Juventus and not Arsenal.

Back to the bread and butter and Chelsea do indeed seal the treble. They win the league by a mile


Keegan’s Barnsley did at least match them for goals, and they rather strangely will be in the Champions League next season. Fair play. But who takes the drop?


Blackburn were long gone, Gerry Francis couldn’t save Leeds and John Toshack suffers relegation on the final day. Some hideous goals againsts down in the bottom 4. Blackburn’s manager is inexplicably poached by Real Betis, so who do they hire?


Look one place up the league table. Great ambition. Who can Leeds get to help them to promotion?


Will that help? I’m not sure.

World Cup

It’s World Cup 1998! I’m not going to go massively in depth on this because I WROTE A BOOK ABOUT IT AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT. But seeing as you are here now, here’s England’s strangely big squad


Steve McManaman is at PSV, for those wondering. Kevin Gallen has shot to prominence with Barnsley, whilst Gareth Southgate has followed Dion Dublin out to Brazil to play for Sao Paulo. Ludicrous. Anyway, England win all their group games and it looks like this could be their year!!!!!


You can feel the excitement at the realisation that it’s Chile or Mexico when they dispatch lowly Norway


That’s what you get for having Le Saux and Hinchcliffe on the pitch at the same time. Also, Seaman quite high up the penalty pecking order there. Imbeciles.

My interest is fairly low from here, but er Japan are doing well. Norway vs Chile though, come on Glenn.


France knock out Brazil and Spain take care of Italy being the main highlights


Let’s see some matches


Oh Alain Roche. You’re the new Cantona


Goalfest. Final time.


Spain are the champions! Hang on, didn’t Peter Hoekstra play for Stoke? Takes all sorts.

So season one is done, and GOOD NEWS. I’m sick of watching, so I’ve taken the job of newly promoted Altrincham. They have no money and no players. That can’t end well. Don’t worry though, I have no intention of dragging them to the Premier League, we’ve seen that unfold already. They will merely be a stepping stone in this crazy turn of events we call life. I’ve signed Tony Cottee so you know it’s going to be good. Here’s some awards


It was all going well until Gary Pally got player of the year. Les Ferdinand should not be at Division 2 Fulham. Unsurprisingly they won that league with 103 points.

Right, enough from me. Hopefully I’ve whetted your appetite for season 2, where not only will I try and polish the turd that is Altrincham, Kevin Keegan will take the Barnsley Tykes into the Champions League and Chelsea have signed Bryan Hughes. The fun never stops. See you next time!?

Cobras Strike

Welcome! This is all very different and yet quite familiar. Welcome to the first real update of the new save, where I’ve basically moved the goalposts and given the Premier League an American Takeover. If you’ve missed the introduction and previews, you might as well click here and get caught up first. Done that? Good. Let’s get on with it.

You’ll have seen from the previews that Chelsea were the early pace setters, and they are matching their real life counterparts for dominance it has to be said. Here they are lining up their first trophy, meeting Kevin Keegan’s Barnsley in the final of the pointless cup.


For any new readers, I call it pointless because you get no European football for winning it. They’re doing ok in the FA Cup too


There will be a Division 1 side in the final, but I’m not sure how Bury have found themselves in this position. Man City are runaway leaders of Division 1, Bury however are 9th. Inexplicable.

There’s still some money to spend, so Derby have gone all out for a CM legend. One of my favourite players in the game


Turning down Arsenal and Liverpool for Derby, what a guy.

The Thrillers are in on the act too


Unfortunately a lot of the premium talent has been tempted abroad, for example Giggs is at Real Madrid, Robbie Fowler has turned up at Inter and Roy Keane at Barcelona. Alan Shearer had been left alone due to his injury but Milan win the race following his return to fitness.


It makes the Milan squad somewhat ridiculous


Is Christian Ziege a star player? I’m not so sure. Taibi on the bench too. They’re 10 points ahead in Serie A, which takes some doing with this Juventus team


Hey look it’s Sol Campbell. They also didn’t really need Zola or Overmars but here we are. There are two Italian sides in the last 4 of the Champions League, to nobody’s surprise.


David Beckham is at Parma, so he can expect to be kicked 10 feet up by Roy Keane.


Here’s a question for you: What do you do when you have no money but you LOVE signing players?


Oh Kevin. You are a card. I’m more amazed Andrew Duncan was on a free for so long, he’s usually snapped up by a lower league team early on.

Homes Under the Hammer Brazil anyone?


Anyway, Chelsea have a healthy lead over, well, everyone, but the Aston Thrillers and Keegan’s Tykes are catching. Kind of.


Since the preview, Chelsea have added free transfers Nigel Winterburn and John Sheridan to the ranks. But the real star has been young Sheva


Gallacher has a huge proportion of the Foxes’ goals. But With Bobic and Hughes also looking good to get 20 goals, it’s no wonder Chelsea are top of the pile and on for a possible treble.

At the bottom…


Blackburn are close to being put out of their misery. Just 14 goals in 30 games is no picnic – Romario has managed 5. Gerry Francis hasn’t had a positive effect on Leeds whilst Roy Hodgson’s Newcastle are in real trouble. But look at Man Utd! Bierhoff has only managed 6 league goals and that’s a lot less than they’d have expected. Somehow, no managers have lost their jobs yet, nor are they under any pressure.

That rounds off the first update then and it feels good to be back. Chelsea look set to win the league but Keegan’s Barnsley score so many goals the Pointless Cup might be close but the FA Cup comes down to their semi with Ian Rush’s Liverpool, who have fallen away a bit. There’s also World Cup 98, so that’s something to look forward to. Bye for now.

Preview 5: Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham & Wimbledon

What’s all this then? Get caught up here or see the links at the end of this post for the previous preview posts.

We’ve finally made it to the final four teams! Preview 5 is here and the game hasn’t let us down. Sadly, my creativity is lacking in several places but hopefully you’ll forgive me. Right? Anyway, let’s head to the south coast to kick us off.

Southampton Dell Boys (Southampton)

It’s an unnecessary Only Fools reference. But you would cash in on that, wouldn’t you? Regardless, they’ve done some good wheeling and dealing to get the former AC Milan and Italy manager


As a World Cup runner up in 1994, this is a big coup for The Dell Boys. But have they signed any plonkers?


This is a strange squad. There’s hardly any goals and their best striker is being played in front of the defence in a 3-1-3-3 and he’s willingly signed John Salako. He’s also got mad man Jens in nets. There’s a lack of fullbacks and it’s a squad low on numbers. Very strange.

Current Position: 6th

Prospects: Sacchi deserves a medal. He has this side up in 6th and the top scorer is Lee Robertson, a £1.1m signing from Molde. There’s £8m in the bank to improve further, but this could be Sacchi’s greatest achievement yet.

The Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur)

More lazy Dave on show here. To be honest it’s a rubbish appointment and I haven’t gotten over my feud with this jerk from the previous save.


Wonderful. How’s the squad looking?


Good to see CM Legend Stefan Selakovic get a run out here, as well as signing future Spurs players Dean Richards and Steve Carr. Incidentally I have no idea why the name “The Spurs” is only the league table. I love that Luca Fusi is a sweeper only, that’s very niche. John Barnes is still decent even if he wasn’t ever a holding midfielder. Michael Branch has huge potential on this game however in reality he is now in prison. Who knew?

Current Position: 7th

Prospects: I have to say Milne is doing a good job, annoyingly. The squad is nothing special and the top scorer is Steve Watson with 3 goals. How is he doing this!? There’s £6m in the bank, Milne is about the only manager to buy defenders, so maybe that’s the future.

East London Hammers (West Ham)

A long time before West Ham reinvented themselves in the London Stadium, West Ham had the chance to rebrand and this is what I chose. However, I did not pick the manager.


His only previous managerial experience was in 96/97 when he took over at Forest following Frank Clark’s resignation. At least here, West Ham have a player and a manager.


Pearce has raided South America for a Brazil under 21 International (Silva) and Madeiros (Bolivian International) but he’s also got Nigel Quashie, Robbie Elliott and Rob Jones. Oh and uncle Dean Sturridge. John Curtis is a legend and future England international. Well let me tell you this: Robbie Elliott is the top scorer with two goals. TWO. Goodness me.

Current Position: 10th

Prospects: The theme of this preview is that managers are doing better than I expect. They have no right to be 10th but with £8m to spend they could yet go better. Fair play Psycho.

Wimbledon Aces (Wimbledon)

Oh look it’s a Tennis pun. It goes without saying that the tennis Grand Slam is seen as a marketing tool here, so that’s great. They also bring back a popular manager from the 80s


Bassett of course took them from the old Fourth Division to the top Division so he’d be a hugely popular appointment. He’d also get a lot of credit for this signing:


Before gambling quite a bit of money on Marcus Stewart


The squad is full of players Bassett would sign. Phil Babb, Frank Sinclair, Steve Lomas, Ray Parlour, Ian Walker, Mark Wright. Lads Lads Lads. Experience. Know how. A young Jamie Carragher will learn much. Karl Heinz Riedle is a good striker too


Yet somehow, Harry Bassett has messed it up

Current Position: 13th

Prospects: This side should be better, in my opinion. Stewart signed relatively late on so maybe they’ll improve in the coming weeks, but it’s one of the fuller squads we’ve seen with a few options and a decent balance. There’s another £7m to spend, so no doubt more journeymen will be acquired.

That’s it then, you’ve seen all the teams and their positions. For the avoidance of doubt, here’s the table:


Chelsea look so much better than the rest it’s incredible. The massive goal difference is no coincidence, they’re going to take some stopping.


Blackburn are already looking cut adrift but there’s lots of football to play and more players to sign. There’s still plenty on free transfers or up for “auction” so who knows.But what do you think?

I’ll be back next week with the first in play updates, as we move from October to March. See you there!

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Preview 4: Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Sheff Wed

For an explanation on what this is, see this post. Also see Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

We have arrived at the penultimate preview piece, covering four more teams who are hoping to make the most of the American Reset. Granted, a better title could have been found, but this is what we have. Remember, Manchester United haven’t been branded as it breaks the game for reasons I can’t quite fathom. But anyway…

Liverpool Patriots (Liverpool)

What I love about this is that theyy’ve gone for a club legend who is still a player.


So that’s a player sorted and a manager in the dugout. Now, what can Rushy do with £25m?


It’s another side with a lack of defenders. The good? Keith O’Neill normally causes a scramble at the start of every save, so he’s a smart buy but at the cost of £5m. I like Rob Lee, and although getting on a smidge he’d in his prime at the start of this season. Also, points for predicting the future and signing Danny Murphy. Noel Whlen though? This chap is pretty useful


Versatility is king in this world, he currently lines up at centre back in Rush’s 4-4-2. Bjarne Goldbaek was a snip at £1.4m but he suffered a 3 month injury early doors.

Current Position: 2nd

Prospects: Just 5 points off the top, it’s looking very promising for the Patriots.There’s still £9m in the bank to further improve and, seeing as nobody seems to care about defending, why not spend it all on players better than Noel Whelan?

Manchester United

Well if it isn’t Manchester United, Mr ‘I’m too good to have a fancy name’. Let’s see who they’ve appointed to run the dull train


Wow, that is…underwhelming. At least they’re making the effort with the players


As you’d expect from a side who still has Champions League football, they’ve been able to spend well and their squad is quite impressive


It’s a bit of a who’s who of CM legends. Bierhoff, Zetterbeg, Le Tissier, Tricky Trev, Tom Youngs, Kieron Dyer, a young Kevin Davies, Rio Ferdinand…but also Delroy Facey. It’s a strong team but the manager is punching here. Sure, he started his career at Man Utd and had a stellar playing career, but he’s spent most of his managerial life managing Raith Rovers. That can’t help.

Current Position: 5th

Prospects: There’s only £500k left but with 2 Champions League games to come there’s still money to be earned. It’s one of the better balanced sides in midfield but far too many strikers. I think they’ll be in the top 4, but they’re 13 points behind leaders Chelsea.

Newcastle Mavericks

Newcastle are still hanging on to their entertainers title despite Keegan’s exit 6 months ago. How do you build on that success?


That will not help. Roy is a good manager but more suited to some clubs than others.

I’m not really sure what Roy has done here. Well, except sign a boat load of midfielders


The good? Well, Freddy Leon is a bit of a hero on this game. Huckerby was at Newcastle the previous season, whilst Steve Stone is a Geordie. Other than that though, it’s uninspiring and contains Peter Atherton.

Current Position: 16th

Prospects: There’s still £15m in the bank which isn’t really surprising, Roy’s dithered in the market and ended up with all this rubbish. They’re only out of the relegation zone on goal difference and I think they’ll be relegated unless they sign some talent very quickly.

Sheffield Owls (Sheffield Wednesday)

Firstly, my old mate Stebbs pointed out on Twitter that these should have been called Sheffield Hooters. It’s hard to disagree with that, an oversight, though Hooters might have sued me. Anyway, Sheffield Owls appoint…


Well, this guy. He actually managed Barcelona for most of a season, but that was in 2000. He’s a left field choice here but we’ll give him a chance.

Shots fired with a big money purchase


To give old Lorenzo some credit, his squad is canny…


Otero and Rebrov is unusual but with Sutton and Gillies able deputies, there should be goals in the side. Ruddock and Wetherall will smash the opposition about, and some yougnster called Frank Lampard is in the middle of the park. Brazil’s number one is between the sticks. FInally though, shout out for bringing Andreas Brehme to the Premier League at this late stage of his career. That pace.


Current Position: 15th

Prospects: Another £17m to spend but to be honest I’m surprised they are so low down. The strikers alone should be able to get them out of trouble, add in a couple of decent midfielders and I think they’ll be well clear of relegation.

That’s it for now though, I’ll be back next week with the final 4 – Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham and Wimbledon.