Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 5: CM3, CM99/00 and CM00/01

Greetings! Just a quick interlude from all the CM Cup action to bring you this month’s Champ Man on the Post podcast. In this episode, Ross and I are talking the CM3 series with Ash (CM_Hints) and desperately trying to remember CM99/00 and CM00/01. I speak to Chris Darwen about his career in football writing which started with a book based on CM99/00 and then finally Adam Hurrey pops in to talk about his history with the game and his new podcast. You can download the episode here or there’s a full synopsis below.

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CM Cup Euro 2097 – Day 7: 16 goals, 3 games, 0 clean sheets

It’s day 7 which means we’ve been doing this for a full week. My fingers are not yet bloody stumps so I am having a great time. Today we’re mostly with Group D, where England will look to build on that 5-1 thrashing of Croatia. We’ll pop by Group E later on for Sweden vs Ireland but let’s remind ourselves where we pick up the action:

Group D 1 game

Group E 1 games

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CM Cup Euro 2097 – Day 6: Lightning never strikes twice

Good day to you! It’s unlike us to be here on a Saturday but needs must, tournaments don’t sleep. Except for those few days between the group stages and the knockouts when it is essential. Anyway, today we’ll see Denmark and Belgium battle for superiority in Group B before we slide on over to Group C where the Dutch will be looking to get their tournament started following defeat in their first match.

Group B day 5

1 game table

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