CM World Leagues: A Sao Paulo Story – part 9

Rob is back to kick off another week for us here at It’s the end of the third season in the World League and Sao Paulo are well placed to reach the big time. It’s a question of when, not if…

Welcome to the final third of the season, there is a fair bit to get through, 16 league games and matches in both the League and FA Cup. Our main aim is obviously promotion to the big time, the International Premier League but we will be fielding full strength teams in both cups as we try and make an impression.

Our first match is against South American rivals and Premier League big boys Boca Juniors. A home tie gives us the best chance of making it through but after 15 minutes our hopes are dentend as we go 0-1 down. Christer George gets the equaliser just before half time but we can’t kick on, we edged a close game but a replay is our only reward.

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CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 32: Back in the habit

Welcome back! It’s been about 4 months since our last visit to the Retirement Home but as you’ll know if you’ve been following on Twitter, it’s been a summer of recruitment and rebuilding as we look to fight back from the Premier League relegation. We’ve got an immediate advantage compared to last season as only one player hangs up their boots and even then, he was about to lose his work permit. Good day to you sir. Let’s see who we can bring in…

Songoo retires

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International Series – Northern Ireland – Last chance at Glory

Happy weekend to you. Here’s Nathan with Northern Ireland starting the road to World Cup 2002…

Hello and welcome back to Northern Ireland. In the last update we missed out on qualifying for Euro 2000 but we improved tremendously from our first season. The next qualifying campaign is for the 2002 World Cup and it will be the last chance as I will move on to the next International team whether we qualify or not. Here is our Qualifying Group.

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Basque Boys II – Part 8 | @cmclassicsquads

Bienvenido a Bilbao! and thank you for joining me for the final part of season two with the Basque Boys.

Last week we managed to make it past the mighty Barcelona into the Copa Del Rey final, where we’ll face Espanyol. But before that, we’ve got our four remaining league matches to play. We’re currently 6th in the table, and a point off 5th with games in hand on the three sides above us.

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Off Kilter – Season 3 Episode 2 | @PeterJonesPhoto

Peter returns with the latest from Alloa where they’re looking to build on a good start to life in Division 1

“Alloa and Recreation Park will be the light’s exhibits; Hung in a trophy cabinet ten million miles high.” Seems Norman McCaig was quite a fan of the mightly (non) Athletic.

He would have been a little peeved too as nearly 65% of our matches so far have been cup competitions. We’re having a decent run in the UEFA cup but I suspect our journey will come to a shattering end.

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Liverpool 89/90 – 30 Years of Hurt? – Part 4

Hump day is Matt Wills day. Here he is with the final update of his Liverpool 89/90 save but can it end in glory?

The season is rattling to a crescendo – if you’ve been following the earlier parts of this blog I’ve reconstructed the last P.C. (Pre Covid) Liverpool team to win the league championship but updated their ages and stats to make as young as they once were on 15th July 1989.

It’s not been easy – we’re up against the Champ Manager 97/98 Man Utd squad after all. Plus John Barnes keeps getting injured, Beardsley, Rush and Aldridge are hit and miss in front of goal and Hansen (34) and Dalglish (37) are starting to look their age.

Still, we’re chasing Utd down hard in the league, into the FA Cup Final and halfway through the EUFA Cup Semi-finals against Parma, which is where the action takes us now.

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CM World Leagues: A Sao Paulo Story – part 8

Merry Monday to you! Rob Tait is here to kick the working week off with the latest from Sao Paulo, where we’ll find out the answer to the question “what happens if Robbie Fowler gets crocked?”

We have made a good start to life in Division 1, winning 12 games and leading Bielefeld by five points. Our first opponents of the update are Danish side Brondby who are captained by Australian international Harry Kewell. Things are looking good at half time as we go in 1-0 up, they look even better just after half time when Brondby have Nielsen sent off for a professional foul but we can’t capitalise and their captain gets a goal against the run of play, two points dropped in this match and our first draw of the season and to top it all off Pirri is out for a month.

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Summer Specials Eight – Playable Swedish League

Okay so, finally something you’ve actually been waiting for, but if you missed last weeks Battle Royale, you can catch up here. Given it is the closing part in the CM9798 Summer Specials we wanted to leave you with a treat. Last year we created a playable Norwegian League which can be found here. But we’ve gone a step further and brought you a playable Swedish League too. You can download all the files you need here; just add them to the main file and ‘ba-da-bing’.

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