The Wonderkids – Part 7: Schaafted

Welcome back to the latest part of our mission to discover just how good a bunch of players with unlimited potential can become. So far, we made a late surge in our first season to secure the Division Three title making two additions to the squad on the way with our overall weakness appearing to be paper gloved goalkeepers. We have started life in Division Two quite successfully, but the goals and assists have become much more tightly dispersed and some players struggle with the step up. You can catch-up on our latest season from the beginning here.

Here is a customary reminder of where we left off last time out with some fellas from an Abbey chasing our behinds:

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5. A-Z of Football – Brescia (98/99) – Welcome to Italy

Brescia it is! This time round, the outfit are currently in Serie B after relegation from Serie A. The board must have expected instant promotion as they aren’t actually in a bad position. I mean, promotion could actually still be on the cards if the league table is anything to go by!

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Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 2: Bjorn Heidenstrom, CM1 & CM Cup qualifying draw

We’re back with episode two of Champ Man on the Post, a podcast looking back at the history of Championship Manager. Click here to download the episode or you can subscribe to Man on the Post through your favoured podcast app. It’s a jam packed episode including an interview with a CM legend and a cup draw, alongside a healthy amount of reminiscing about how the series started. For a full run down, read on…

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Potless FC – Part 3: Stan & Beppe

Here’s Matt Wills with your Thursday fun. Potless FC are getting serious…

Crystal Palace, the team that has never won a major title, filled with players who haven’t won any either, sit 3rd in the Premiership under my tutelage and with all to play for in the domestic cups. Selhurst Park is a wonderful place to be at the moment.

We left Part 2 having been beaten by 17th place West Ham, so a pick me up is on the agenda, which comes in the form of Southampton who we netted 6 first half goals against earlier in the season.

It’s a tighter affair this time out at The Dell, Richard Shaw putting the game to bed after a late Saints rally.

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