AFC United – Part 12: To Elland Back | @Matt_C_Wills

Merry Monday. I’ve spent my weekend nursing a sick toddler. Hopefully Matt will have more success with the end of season run-in for AFC United. Is the title challenge on?

It’s Monday, lockdown restrictions are loosening a bit more, but can my team of Man Utd cast off’s tighten their grip at the top of the Premier League in their maiden season?

Here’s where we left things:

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A Belgian Story – The Road to World Cup 2006: Part 23 | @verbist_philip

Happy Saturday! Philip is still basking in that glorious win over Ajax. How do you improve on perfection?

Hallo allemaal!

Unfortunately we cannot go yet for some Saturday Night Fever, but luckily we have our weekly Saturday Morning Fever with the Beveren Boys!

Last week we took yet again a good start in the league and are we co-leading with Standard, who else. In the Champions League we were put in the Group of Death with Inter, Real Madrid and Ajax, but we showed we are not to be underestimated!

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Champions League Manager 97/98 – Match Week 5 | @NTR9798

Hello champ man lovers! and welcome once again to your weekly dose of elite European action with the blog squad. This week we have eleven matches for you, with the one remaining League Cup quarter final sandwiched between two rounds of league fixtures. After a strong start by Ross’ Man Utd ‘99, it’s currently Zak and his undefeated Marseille ‘93 side sitting pretty at the top of the pile, but can he extend his run for another week?

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Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham: A Global Force – Part 10: Cool Run-Ins | @emsonite

Here’s Deano with the latest from Wrexham. The big bucks are being splashed but is there a wonderful ending?

Recap of Ryan’s rules and milestones:

  • Only 1 player, per nationality in the squad
  • All 7 continents & USA represented in starting XI (Chile represents Antarctica)
  • £20m bank balance at end of season 1 – complete
  • £30m bank balance at end of season 2 – complete
  • Win Premier League within 4 seasons
  • Bonus – Win FA Cup
  • Bonus – Win League Cup
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CM2 97/98 – Player Database: Comparison Tool

Well hello there! You may know I’ve taken a break from a regular slot at and that’s because I’ve been working up some mad ideas again. Speaking of which, ever wanted to really interrogate the player database before starting/during a save in an easy manner? Well thanks to the help of Dave and his Twitter contacts, we managed to get v2.93 players.db1 file into CSV format which allowed me to import into Excel and create the CM2 Player Comparison Tool. So, what does it entail?

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A Legend Returns – Part 18: Failure | @FMCM_FC

With that wonderful four day weekend drifting away, here’s Nathan to light up your Tuesday. Except it’s not really going to plan…

Evening everyone and welcome along for another dose of Diego in Naples. The plan is to win Serie A and replicate the glory days Maradona brought to Naples first time round. We our at the end of our 4th season and we are in a real struggle to finish in the top 4. We crashed out of the Coppa Italia in the Quarter Finals and the Champions League in the group stage. We have a handful of games left to try and get a top 4 spot so let’s see how we go.

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AFC United – Part 11: Count to 20 | @Matt_C_Wills

It’s Easter Monday and we have the perfect accompaniment for those remaining Easter eggs. It’s Matt and AFC United of course but is the title challenge going to fade?

Happy Easter folks! It’s another instalment from our Ex-Man United heroes to entertain you for 10 minutes or so.

We left things last week with an amazing start to life in the big time and we sit 9 points clear at the top in our maiden season.

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A Belgian Story – The Road to World Cup 2006: Part 22 | @verbist_philip

Do you think Saturday feels left out at Easter? Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday. Regular old Saturday. Luckily for us we have Philip to make it special. Enjoy!

Hallo allemaal!

Am I glad it’s Saturday again. It’s not that the days are so much different from one another when your children are at home, but at least on Saturday I am making my weekly trip to the Freethiel. Are you coming along?

It’s the start of Season 8 and for Belgium it will be a crucial season. We play 6 of our 8 qualifying matches for the 2006 WC, including both of our matches against current European Champions Portugal. At the end of the season we should have an idea how realistic the first part of our ultimate goal is: qualifying!

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