Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 1: Paul & Oliver Collyer


Good morning and happy Monday to you. I’m delighted to bring you episode one of Champ Man on the Post, our brand new podcast dedicated to Championship Manager. What better way to start the series than a chat with Championship Manager creators Paul & Oliver Collyer? Episode one is available here or you can subscribe to Man on the Post through your favoured podcast app.

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Monday Night Football

Hello and welcome back to Monday Night Football with CM9798 where we look to recreate some of the magic of the 1990’s by giving a fixture from the current Premier League season the CM9798 touch.

Last week we looked ahead to last Saturday’s Newcastle vs. Chelsea fixture where we predicted a 2-2 draw. Whilst we didn’t get it all right, we predicted an efficient Newcastle and a resilient Dubravka so we’ll take that.

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CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 15: Rebuild

Good day to you and welcome back to the Retirement Home. It has all gone a bit awry here, as successive promotions now seem a distant memory. We find ourselves not only back in Division 2 but in the relegation places, hoping that our over 35s club can find some inspiration. One thing is for sure, we won’t be able to buy our way out of trouble. The debt continues to spiral out of control. Here’s where we rejoin the action:

table end of October S5

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Marching on Together – Part 1 | @RossBell1984

Ross Bell is the reigning CM9798 Cup champion and he wanted to bring a blog to the table. I’ve set him the challenge of taking his beloved Leeds to the heights they reached under David O’Leary.

Leeds head into the 1997/98 season on the back of a dismally dull 96/97 campaign where George Graham led the team to 11th place with an almighty 28 goals scored in 38 games! My first aim for the 97/98 campaign is to top that goal total, the summer signing of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink should help. An added caveat for this season given to me by our CM overlord is that I can only sign players that Leeds actually signed during that season. Thankfully the game is updated with all the signings for the season already in the squad so i can get on with the task of trying to finish in the top half and score more than last season, should be easy right …

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The Wonderkids – Part 1: The Minus Touch

Every release of Championship Manager / Football Manager brings with it the challenge of finding the next Nii Lamptey of the day. Upon exploring the CM9798 database there are a number of young players who have unlimited potential to grow (-1). Most of you will associate this in CM9798 with John Curtis and will timelessly have seen him go on to lift the World Cup as England’s captain, very differently to his real-life career. Then there are many unheard of such as Duarte Constantino and Remco van der Schaaf.

The question that’s been bugging me for so long, and inspired by the journey of ‘The-Academy’, how would a team with the ‘minus touch’ progress through time if they were kept together? Could they go on to be the world beaters you never saw but the researchers always knew they could be? Well ladies and gentlepersons, let me introduce to you…The Wonderkids.

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0. A-Z of Football: A is for Arsenal

Please welcome our newest blogger Liam to the team. Liam’s taking on an A-Z challenge as he’ll explain below.

We see a lot of generic stories throughout the world of Football Management sims but the ones that get me, are the ones containing challenges. I will be hoping to use some of these challenges in a few upcoming games, and this will be no different.

The goal – To win a league title with a team, starting with all letters of the alphabet. I will start at “A” all the way through to “Z”. Some may not be possible, so any that we do need to skip will be picked up at a later date “Q, Z, X etc”.

The team I start with? Well the choice was evident. It would have to be a team that I can build a reputation with, leaving Arsenal & Atletico Madrid. I decided on Arsenal, who I hope will be pushing for the league title straight away.

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Monday Night Football

Hello and welcome to Monday Night Football with CM9798. Unfortunately Monday night’s have migrated to Fridays so we’ll take a look at a key fixture from the weeks Premier League action and, using the latest database kindly update by the chaps at we’ll see how things might pan out.

First stop we’ll take a look at how Dave’s Steve Bruce lead Newcastle might get on against a Frank Lampard inspired Chelsea. So far Steve Bruce has defied the odds and, despite some horrific statistics around possession etc. they sit cautiously optimistic in mid-table. Meanwhile Frank Lampard’s Chelsea sit in the Champions League spaces but are some way off the pace of the title challengers and appear to struggle against lower-table sides.

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