Tales from Wales – Part 4 – Performance and Carl Dales

Matt is back with his Welsh lads to get your week kick started. It’s time for season 2 but are there any Welsh nationals to sign?

For me, it’s a wet Saturday afternoon. The fire is on, the kids are playing with Lego. For you it’s Monday morning, back at work, but for all of us, it’s 1998 in Cardiff and the start of Season 2.

Last time out, we clinched promotion as champions of Division 3 with an all Welsh line up and under the guise of Bobby Gould, I kept the Welsh FA satisfied by steering the national team through some tricky friendlies. We’re now in that magical July period where we can make our plans for Season 2.

One chap I’ve been chasing, and a minus man, is David Parry who turns down East Fife of all places to join our project.

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CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 42: Progress

The team that just keeps on giving. Welcome back to the Retirement Home, where you join us 12 games into season 14 and for once we aren’t clinging on for dear life in the bottom half of the table. I mean, let’s not go crazy, we’re still 11th, but 11th is not 18th and in the words of Take That, we’re still so young and we hope for more.

prem top October S14

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A Belgian Story – The Road to World Cup 2006: Part 1 | @verbist_philip

Hallo allemaal!

I am very happy Dave @cm9798 added me as a guest blogger. The next couple of weeks I will try to entertain you all with one of my new saves. I am Belgian, so my blog must be about Belgium.

With players like Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Jan Vertongen, nobody likes playing the current Belgian national team. The 2018 WC in Russia was the most successful in Belgian history, beating England 2-0 in a battle for 3rd place. Belgium wasn’t always such a great team though. Despite qualifying for 6 consecutive world cups between 1982 and 2002 (with a 4th place during the 1986 WC in Mexico), they missed the world cup in 2006 & 2010.

This got me thinking. Can I change history using the cm9798 game and not only qualify for the 2006 world cup, but also lead them to the best performance in their history?

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A Cock and Red Bull Story – Part 4 | @cmclassicsquads

Hallo meine fußball freunde! it’s that time again so pour yourself a Red Bull and buckle up for another flight to Leipzig. Last week we continued our good form and climbed to 2nd in the table, so let us resume…

We start at home against Gütersloh, who are 10th. They smashed us 4-1 last time, but we did have our keeper sent off. We’re under pressure right from the off, and Kläsener sees red. Things get even worse when the visitors lead on the stroke of half time.

I wasn’t relishing the second half, but when Kostmann sees red on 54, it seems to be a turning point, and after Petkovic scores the penalty, their sub keeper scores an own goal, and Sritong-In finishes off what was looking like an unlikely win at half time. Holzer was man of the match again.

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Off Kilter – Season 6: Episode 3 | @PeterJonesPhoto

Peter’s Alloa lads have reached the end of another season but is this the year they finally topple Rangers?

“Light rain is on the light dust,

The grass of the Recreation pitch

Will be growing greener and greener,

But you, Sir, had better take Buckie ere your departure,

For you will have no fans about you

When you come to the gates of Ibrox.” – Rihaku or Omakitu.

We’re coming to the final straight of an epic season with our form fluttering between Superb and Okay. We still must play Rangers another 4 (four!) times before we can jet off to the Majorca poolside.

The threads are stretching and sheering of Rangers coattails as we grasp with all our might. Celtic are a good 11 points behind us in their own little world and enough of a buffer between ourselves.

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The Wonderkids – Part Twenty-Seven: Doing a Yuri-Turn

Hump day is here and like clockwork, so is Andrew. What are the Wonderkids up to this week?

Hello and welcome back to the latest from The Wonderkids. If you missed the start of season seven you can catch up here. We left you last having made our best start to a Premier Division season but lost the Charity Shield ending the chance of a repeat sweep. Here’s a reminder of the table:

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The Reggae Boyz – Taking Jamaica to France ‘98: Part Two | @JackMcInroy

We re-join Jack as he ponders his final selections for France 98. Jamaica don’t have the biggest talent pool but the aim remains to get out of the group stage. Catch up with part 1 here.

I have to call-up a minimum of 22 players for my World Cup squad. I decide to call up all 23 and I take some encouragement from the fact that Barry Hayles has had a big money move to the Premier League. 

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Tales from Wales – Part 3 – Total Eclipse of the Hartson | @Matt_C_Wills

Happy Monday! Matt is here to continue his build of an all Welsh club but what does the end of season one have in store for Cardiff?

Croeso and welcome back to my all-Welsh save. We’ve rattled towards the end of Season 1 and the mighty Cardiff are sitting nicely at the top of Division 3, meanwhile my Welsh national team learn their fate in the Euro 2000 qualifiers. Could have been worse I suppose.

We start February with 3 draws in a row. I have my eye on Swansea’s Kristian O’Leary

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