CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 9: Survival of the fittest

Good day to you, fans of the past. Here in the Retirement Home, we’re about to enter the final stretch of season 3. Consecutive promotions were as unlikely as they were impressive, but the ageing bones of this lot have struggled with life in Division 1. I’ve had to abandon the cavalier style so that Alan Knill plays as part of a back three. I sicken me. Still, it’s all about staying up. We have a 7 point cushion.

div 1 bottom January

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Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 15

Bonjour to you mes amis. See, I’m learning the language. All is not well in the house of Mul, as our best players keep leaving and nobody of any great reputation wants to join us. I’m therefore left trying to pick out the next gem who is ready to go now, a task that was much easier in Ligue 2. Expectations are relatively high now with us playing European football two seasons in a row but we’re not going to be able to compete if we keep losing players. Here’s where we pick up today’s action:

Ligue 1 top October S5

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What ever happened to…Peter Ofori-Quaye

Peter is a legend in the Championship Manager world and was also a record breaker during the 1997-98 season. He was the youngest goal scorer in the UEFA Champions League at just 17 years and 195 days when playing for Olympiacos, a record he still retains to this day.

His reason for being at ‘Minor Team’ is due to his Greek side Kalamata FC not being in the database. Olympiacos reportedly paid $3.5m for his services. He eventually retired after returning to Ghana in 2012. Unfortunately he did not reach the potential the gaming world set aside for him, that said he can be picked up relatively cheap and at 16 years old you will potentially get 20 seasons out of him.

Turnips On Tour: Part Two

Andrew is back with more from Swedes take Barcelona: Stockholm Syndrome. The Turnips on Tour have made an encouraging start but with a demanding board, Champions League results could mean everything…

Hello and welcome back to Turnips on Tour! Last time out the Swedish invasion had taken control of Barcelona, we had created the most enviable B side in the history of B sides who are making waves in the Copa del Ray, we’d made it to the Champions League group stages on 10 players, and were sat on top of La Liga at this very early stage. Here’s a reminder of the table:

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What ever happened to…Vikash Rao Dhorasoo

Dhorasoo is a solid signing for any budding side looking for a defensive anchor and made the cut for the last CM9798 Cup.

In real life Dhorasoo went on to sign for Lyon making over 161 appearances scoring 11 goals followed by short stints at AC Milan and PSG. At Milan he was in the squad which had a very unfortunate night in Istanbul against Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final.

He went on to feature in a film called Substitute detailing his role as an unused squad player during the 2006 FIFA World Cup.